40GB PS3 sells 50,000 in first day in Japan

Sales of Sony's PS3 video games console surged 300 per cent after the company released a cheaper model in Japan last week, according to leaked survey data.

Sony Japan introduced the new PS3 model with a 40GB hard disk drive on November 11. One day later, local PS3 weekly sales figures had soared from an average of 16,000 to almost 66,000.

Sony PS3 40GB Ceramic White Japan model The figures are contained in preliminary data from the latest edition of a regular survey by Japan-based video games publisher and market survey firm, Enterbrain.

The substantial surge in weekly sales comes despite the release of the console occurring on the last day of the week. It is unclear what proportion of the sales resulted from pre-orders.

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PimpHandHappy4353d ago

if i didnt already have the black 60GB i would REALLY like that white 40GB

that thing looks old school cool

Bill Gates4353d ago

Bro don't say that. Just spray paint your shiet white....AHAHHA

In the end I'm glad I have the 60G which actually has the Emotion Engine built in for BC. I can always change the color of my PS3, but why would I want to. The shiet looks hot all black.

Kaneda4353d ago

According to xbots... Sony couldn't sell sh!t in Japan...

ruibing4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Now imagine it being bundled with Dualshock 3 and WhiteKnightStory/MGS4/FFXIII.

Actually, why don't they add more colors since the 40GB models are ceramic. It shouldn't be hard to make silver, pink, etc.

Greysturm4353d ago

Its cheaper and another color lets hope sony manages to keep the momentum throught the holidays.

wil4hire4353d ago

If its true, good for sony.

Real gamer 4 life4353d ago

I guess the japanese do not care about backward capability.

Blood_Spiller4353d ago

They all have PS2s already.

wil4hire4353d ago

No one seemed to be able to grasp that...

anyone that cared about BC.. has a ps2..

NeonSkull4353d ago

yeah, i got my ps2 in the bedroom with the xbox1, i have my wii and ps3 down stairs. both the ps2 and ps3 get used about the same. ps3 has made my pc kinda redundant though. 2008 gonna be sonys make it or break it year.

Darkiewonder4353d ago

Black, white, silver, red, pink, blue, yellow, etc. Ps2 already.

THey have all the backups already. So it's not a big thing ;o

DRE19704353d ago


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kss4353d ago

awesome nice to see some ps3 movement in japan but still the us is the battle to win because we will always have the rest of the world.