TGH: Silent Hill: Downpour Preview

The guys over at got a chance to play through the demo of Konami's new Silent Hill: Downpour. This is a preview based on their hands on time with an extremely refreshing and promising title. There is also a great selection of screens and artwork at the bottom of the preview too.

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FanOfGaming2663d ago

Got to see it in action, it looks amazing

Cybermario2663d ago

great games, still remember the first on the psx.

ShadyDevil2663d ago

Actually looking forward to this. Hopefully its as good as the original ones for PS1.

Mr Tretton2663d ago

I wouldn't keep your hopes up.

There was only one on PS1 btw. But you probably mean PS2.

I don't see it being better than the first 3, but it could end up being the best since then.

BrightFalls762663d ago

I remember the hype around Homecoming as well. Every new installment in the series gets build up as a return to the roots, a real Silent Hill game and then it is not. I would assume this will be another sub-par horror game with the SH name attached to it. The music itself made Silent Hill and Akira Yamaoka is nowhere near this trash.

gaden_malak2663d ago

You know what they say about people who assume?

ScubaSteve12663d ago

please give the silent series back to the japanese developers