Is WoW Dying

GameNTrain: Losing “regulars” in a business is never a good thing, no matter the scale. Now the reason I say this is WoW (world of warcraft ever heard of it?) loses subs again. I’ll answer this burning questions you’ve got in your mind. How many you ask? What’s the reason? Finally, is WoW in trouble? Hit the jump to find out. Race ya there.

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ATi_Elite2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

for a game that makes anywhere between $60 to $180 million dollars every month in profit, if it is dying Blizzard's bank account can't tell the difference!

Keep in mind that only a few games have made more than this much money in their lifetime while WoW does these numbers every month!! Which is why every Developer is making MMO's now!!

Blizzard is currently working on two new MMO's (one is codenamed Titan) so by the time WoW is really dead Blizzard will have it's replacement raking in the cash....AGAIN!

Ramas2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

they are working on one mmo not two. And it will bereleased most likely 2 years after the release of last wow expansion emerald dream.
So new blizz mmo will be released in about 3-4 years from now

ATi_Elite2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

actually i meant to say Blizzard is working on the "Titan" project and a 4th Warcraft Expansion! but yeah we won't see it for like 4 years!

Spinal2610d ago

You all seem to forget that blizz are going to announce a new expansion an upon its release the subs will fly back up as it has a track record for this.

Ramas2610d ago

Thats true, however big part of those who comeback they usually do so for a short time period and later quit wow again. Overage time 3-6 months

Gurt_McSquirt2610d ago

Nothing lasts forever, 'cept most STDs.

f7897902610d ago

After billions of dollars I wouldn't be surprised that it's finally going down. Once it is down enough, a sequel will come out.

NuclearDuke2610d ago

Doubt you will see a sequel to World of Warcraft as an MMO. Surely, they could plan Warcraft IV, but they got Titan MMO in the works which is a new universe for Blizzard fans to enjoy.

soundslike2610d ago

those GRAPHICS couldn't last forever

they did hold up for quite some time, I'll give em that

evrfighter2610d ago

yes it is on its way out but that's not a bad thing. like you said those graphics held up quite well through 2 generations.

now the question is will it out in a blaze of glory or will the execs go into panick mode and kill it with fire

NuclearDuke2610d ago

I still like WoWs graphics over Aion, AoC, Warhammer or LOTR:Online.

NYC_Gamer2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

It's old as crap people are waiting for the next blizzard mmo

BubbleSniper2610d ago

they need to bring out the Emerald Dream and go all out. it could bring subs back because of the decisive lore behind it

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The story is too old to be commented.