Wii demand reaches fever pitch in UK

UK retailer Gamestation's site dies after they managed to get hold of this Christmas' most wanted present - The Nintendo Wii.

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unsunghero283994d ago

Clearly sales haven't died down as much as some would have you believe...

forum_crawler3994d ago


Ha ha ha

Way to go Nintendo. Sorry fanboys. It is what it is...

Prismo_Fillusion3994d ago

I still can't believe how hard it is to get a Wii in the States. I feel so awful for all the parents trying to get this children one of the most wanted "toys" for the holidays, and having such a hard time finding it.

PopEmUp3993d ago

better grab the gamecube then

andy0013993d ago

They seem to be managing their supply chain really well, from a PR point of view anyway. Just manufacturing enough to keep the demand unsatisfied. If they were readily available I would pick one up with Mario, but while they are out of stock everywhere its not even worth trying. I reckon they are losing a lot of sales while this shortage is going on.