PlanetXbox360 Review: Assassin's Creed - 6.7/10

The third-person stealth genre has never been one hurting for quality titles and it seemed as though Assassin's Creed would follow in the footsteps of great games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid. One set in the time of the Knights Templar really peaked my interest and we were hoping for a stellar title to match the stellar screenshots we have been seeing for months now. Assassin's Creed is not all problems but with only nine missions, no replayability (other than a few hidden items and boring side quests), and zero multiplayer it is hard to recommend it for a purchase. The game has some really amazing moments but at the end of the day it is just too repetitive and too many things go wrong for it to deserve a good score, save your time for Mass Effect or Call of Duty 4.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4963d ago

Their head is still stuck up Master Chief's arse

BLaZiN PRopHeT4963d ago

lol altho they said save your money for ME and COD4?

JsonHenry4963d ago

I think they made valid points about the game.

What we have here is a problem - what most of us would enjoy, these guys are SOOOO burnt out on playing just another FPS, just another RPG, just another strategy game that unless something just pops out and re-invents the genre they give lackluster reviews.

You and I are not burnt out. We play only when we want to. We are the lucky ones who can play a game that probably does deserve a 6.7 and still enjoy the game anyway.

And BTW - they did have VERY valid points about why they gave the game a 6.7. Go watch the first 10 minutes video that was posted on here earlier. The game looks like fun, but NOTHING great.

Kaneda4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Well UBISoft markets this game as innovation... but it was far from innovation according to the article... I was going to buy this game tomorrow. After reading this I will skip this game...

NEXT Uncharted Drake...

lynx1halo4963d ago

I think this might be one of those games that either you really love...or you really hate........oh and PlanetXbox360 is garbage

CRIMS0N_W0LF4963d ago

Halo 3 Graphics: 9
Assassin's Creed Graphics: 8

Gameplay I cannot say but all vids look its very fun.

Controls are stated to be easy and as you can see from the tutorial its very simple controls and given 6

Replay: They scream no MP it does not mean it does not have replay! This game is open it has replay *points at GTA* They give Bioshock 8.5 replay value which unless you are an achivement whore you won't touch Bioshock for some time after you pass the game.

Sound 7.5: Ok... I doubt the sound is that crap I guess they used some crap speakers

jASSon 3604963d ago

yet again the PS3 proves to be just another blu-ray player. We all know that this game would have been awesome had it not been on the PS3 also.


Halo 3's graphx are a 9 because its one of the best looking games of this generation. only game to compete with it is Gears. AC has nothing on halo 3, and this reviewer lets us know that.

imo the only thing that held AC from greatness is it being on that "other" console as well.

lawman11084963d ago

If the game stinks then it stinks and they will save people money and at $60 bucks a pop! I will buy it when it's around $30 bucks just because it still looks good. Did it come out on the PS3 or was that DELAYED? if so what was the score?

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Blood_Spiller4963d ago

For someone who is looking for a good singleplayer experience (which is probably something you're in the market for if you're buying Assassin's Creed) I find it laughable that he would recommend COD4's 5 hour campaign over this title. My preorder remains intact.

monkey6024963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Although I can see what you are talking about, I have to ask have you played COD4? The single player might be short but it is nothing short of fantastic.

Anyway the GAMETRAILERS review seemed fair to me and I am still getting this game.

EDIT: Just clearing up dude that I meant no offense by this message.
What did you think of it?

EDIT: Fair enough point not much I can really say to that

EDIT: No you didnt dude. Just wanted to make sure I didnt either. I added a bubble for your responses. Slater

Blood_Spiller4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Yes I have played it. It has all the same ingredients of previous Call of Duties - being hectic, large scripted battles and annoying commanders giving you orders but it lacks the story of the previous titles. The main draw in the series for me was that you experienced war through the eyes of 3 people and you got attached to the story of those soldiers, in this call of duty it jumps around too much for that attachment to evolve and you feel like you're more or less being rushed along to the credits.

I know you meant no offense, sorry if it came off like I was pissed at you or something!

Rooted_Dust4963d ago

COD4 was fantastic, but every time you play it, it's going to be exactly the same. Thats the problem with overly scripted and linear games.

razer4963d ago

You have the "Mile High Club" achievement for COD4 on veteran? If you don't have a 360 have you completed "Mile High Club" on veteran??

COD4 is far from short if you play it on a level that actually requires skill. It took me over 4 hours alone just to pass this one level on veteran.. The hardest FPS level I've ever played.

Not directed at you but I find it laughable that people rush thru these games on n00b level and then complain that a game was short..

lawman11084963d ago

Yes, COD4 is sadly as short as HS but not evey game is 80 hours.

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ShiftyLookingCow4963d ago

I guess someone felt like they had to top 1UP

BlackIceJoe4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

This is the worst review yet. I have been seeing lots of high nines and even a ten. I still think this game is great and this review does nothing to stop me from playing it when it comes out.

lonestarmt4963d ago

agree. Still buying it. too many high scores already, and this guy got on my nerves. lol.

TheSadTruth4963d ago

Some people are more critical of gameplay than others. You are essentially doing the same thing the entire game it sounds like it does get a tad repetitive. Compare a game like this to Zelda, where you constantly get new items and abilities, or ratchet and clank where there are many mini games and such, or Halo where there are lots of unique encounters, a variety of weapons blah blah blah. I haven't played assassin's creed and neither have you guys, so don't be quick to judge. Many other reviewers like GameInformer and GameTrailers have called the gameplay "repetitive" as well.

Douchebaggery4963d ago

but having watched the GT review it look like it's easy to break the game and make the A.I. act retarded