5 Free Games With New Xbox 360 Bundle Confirmed

A fairly hefty bundle has been announced for all major retailers.


Reports show it's Canada only ATM. Will keep you posted.

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Convas2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Wow, Microsoft's not playing any games. This is good, very good. Sony drops price. MS adds in mega bundle. Gamers WIN.

Dante1122663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I'd just get the $199 bundle if I didn't already own a 360. Still good nonetheless if you're into Alan Wake or those other games in Canada.

Edit: Must've said something that somehow pissed off some hardcore enthusiasts here.

Edit2: From what I checked, this is only in Canada at the moment. Lol @ below though.

RBlaze2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I'm sure similar deals will spread to other regions if this is only Canada, dude. Maybe they're just testing the waters there.

Off topic... (well, slightly on topic)... Anyone heard anything about a Halo:Wars sequel? I know the guys who made it disbanded, but has it been picked up elsewhere? I loved Halo:Wars.. I thihnk it was the online co op that kept me playing so much. Teaming up with a buddy against legendary AI lead to epic battles every time!


Anon19742663d ago

I can't lie. This bundle is awesome. If you haven't played the 360 before and were always curious, this is the bundle to get with some of the 360's top offerings. We need to see more bundles like this that offer some gaming value.

gaffyh2663d ago

I'd rather have Halo 3 than Forza, but I'd rather have anything over Halo Wars, such a crap RTS, it's unbelievable, especially when you think that it came from the devs of Age of Empires.

bruddahmanmatt2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I'm split here. On one hand you're getting a lot of content for a decent price, but on the other hand, the games being offered are either mediocre (Fable III and Halo Wars) or will be irrelevant shortly (Gears 2 and Halo 3). I have to think that you can probably find most of if not all of these titles in a bargain bin somewhere. My guess is that most folks would probably prefer a $50 discount rather than a bunch of outdated games.

thorstein2663d ago

Guess I am headed up to Kingston this weekend to pick up a new Xbox, only about a 2 hour drive (if I follow the speed limit) from where I am. Nice.

ARBitrator2662d ago

Seriously? How can a game be irrevelant if you haven't played it yet. A great game can be 2 years old and still provide great entertainment value if you haven't played it yet.

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KingDustero2663d ago

It works, but IMO they should have put in some newer games.

darthv722663d ago

for the most part, they chose wisely. If there was anything I would change is halo 3 for forza 3. That way you have several different genres covered.

FPS: Gears 2
RPG: Fable 2
RTS: Halo Wars
ACT/ADV: Alan Wake
RACING: Forza 3

Trading out Halo 3 is just one idea. It could have been Gears 2 but either way they should have included a racing game.

kaveti66162663d ago

Gears 2 is not an FPS, man.

darthv722663d ago

I realized that afterwards...but you get what i mean. Removing one shooter and putting a racing game in would have been good. Be it a TPS or FPS the premise is still the same.

Variety is good and with that selection you have two shooters, and an rts and two action adv/rpg's. I classify fable as an rpg but it could be an action rpg as well.

Alan wake...not sure. It is survival but not so much horror which is why I classified it as an action adventure.

I guess the bulk of the disagrees was for calling gears an fps. That I stand corrected. For those who never tried it, alan wake is a great game. I really hope more dlc chapters come out or a whole new sequel (if that is possible).

gw4k2663d ago

Dang MS, you trying to kill the competition or something?

NatureOfLogic2663d ago ShowReplies(9)
theonlylolking2663d ago

fanboys dont win and they also game.

gman_moose2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Only problem is they give you 4GB of storage, and codes to download 21GB worth of games. Not such a great deal when you have to spend another $100 on a HDD to actually play them.

Edit: I see Best Buy has the 250GB model with this deal. Not so with all retailers. I found out about it in my morning flyers today and places like Future Shop are advertising the 4GB model. Maybe its a misprint.

That being said, those games are all worth $15-$20 now, so it's not a super great deal. I'd rather have $50 off the console price, and purchase retail games I want.

Triggs2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

As always, we should always pause and think about these deals before buying.

About the last paragraph, though, with 5 games in the bundle they would not be more than $4 each to get total of $20. I'm not familiar with Xbox's marketplace prices (digial download), but I can see that Gears 2 still costs $29.99 a copy at, and Alan Wake is at $49.99...

For those who want a brand new replacement Xbox or just jumping in to the platform, this sounds like a good deal (like me, I play on PC most of the time and then PS3).

Anyway, I voted to agree on your post, for the first part.

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LOGICWINS2663d ago

In the words of Kevin Butler...BOOM!

death2smoochie2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

This is why crying and whining that "your" console should win, and the other "console" should die off is INSANE.
When competition is strong on all fronts, consumers win. Prices drop. Quality rises. Competition drives everything.
Damn I love when these companies fight it out over price drops...then all this happens. Good times.

Have one console manufacturer only and we all will get the shaft and you will see no progress.

SantistaUSA2663d ago

About time some common sense! Well said death2smoochie!!! I don't take sides, I take advantage :) I got x360 slim, the original PS3 60gb and a mighty PC and love the competition! :D

Cosmit2663d ago

@ Death2smoochie

Yeah what you say is totally correct! But then again, without the two sides fighting, it wouldn't really be as "Exciting" or a "Motive" to innovate now wouldn't it? I don't know if you understand what I mean. Sure the fanboyism gets ridiculous from time to time but it helps thrive the competition! :D
So in way, we sorta need the ignorance of the Fanboys lol.

lMHl2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

PS3 is king xbox is lame gears is the stupidest thing ive ever heard of

joeorc2663d ago

100% exactomundo!

why the Hell would anyone be unhappy whit that?
this is a great way to have when you buy a game console, or any game console system for that matter, where the Company offer's 5 of their Games free for the system at purchase.

If you don't have the system than this is a great purchase. Hell even if you already have one, this is still a great pur chase because your getting good games to go along with the system, though if you already have the games it would be good to give them out as christmas present to some one that has an xbox360 but may not have the game's that come with the bundle.

Axonometri2663d ago

I thought this was Canada only bundle? Maybe it was a test bed for other regions...

Urrakia342663d ago

It is Canada only as far as I know.

ForROME2663d ago

Wow thats a lot of great games, I planned to buy a matte 250GB soon, good move MS