Game Consoles 'Still Have Plenty of Life'

The gaming consoles of old were built for playing games. With the advent of Xbox 360, PS3 and even the Wii, there is a larger push to make consoles a more centered entertainment device. New research from ABI indicates that this push is keeping consoles alive, noting that there is still ‘plenty of life’ in the market.

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donniebaseball2663d ago

Well, we're going to see another round of consoles, but after that, who knows. It might be more like set top or cable boxes for game services with everything streamed or on demand via cloud.

punisher992663d ago

That is a nightmare that I hope never comes true. (cloud gaming garbage). I'm sorry. But when I pay money for something, I like to own it. And on PSN and XBL, we already don't even own the content that we purchase.

darthv722663d ago

you need to look at the broader scope. With almost anything you purchase there are clauses that basically stipulate how you can use it.

Like a car. You buy a car but that doesnt mean you can drive it the way you want to. Or buying music. You cant freely distribute a copy without there being action taken.

I own the content on live and psn but with owning it comes the restrictions I agreed to when I bought it. That is the way it is no matter if it is a physical game or a digital one or .... even having a child.

Streaming will become a standard at some point but now is not the time. To many restrictions in place for the content providers to properly distribute. Once those are lifted or restructured is when we will see a shift to a more digital distribution format.

TruthbeTold2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I disagree to some extent darth72. Streaming will achieve normalcy at some point, but there will still be a large market for gamers who want to own physical media, take it to a friends house, etc, so some company or companies of quality will take advantage of those ready and waiting dollars/euros/etc.

P.S. Not sure that it matters, but while I disagree, I'm not the one who 'disagreed' with you.

darthv722663d ago

consoles going portable. The tech is getting to the point where a big bulky box is becoming a cliche. The next major system change will be something along the lines of a portable that can dock to the tv for big screen gaming.

Pop it off the dock and you have the games on the go. A single purchase that serves two purposes. The cost may be a factor but then again with the power of systems like the vita it makes more sense that things are going to get allot smaller for couch potatoes.

punisher992663d ago

No. There is too much restriction with digital media vs. physical. A car I own have some restrictions but atleast I can re sell it, or let my friends borrow it, and have a choice of who I want repairing it. Know what I mean? Digital distribution doesn't have to be the way to go if we don't support it. If us gamers don't support it, then It will never be the way to go. We have to stand for something, instead of falling for everything.

darthv722663d ago

but keep in mind there are far more that support it than the conscious few. Take the whole digital music craze as a good example of when things are done within that restriction.

DRM may be bad but for the most part, people deal with it because they arent like the few that exploit the system. It is a convenience that comes at a price but if the convenience offers more than what is currently offered...people will pay that price.

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kma2k2663d ago

6 months ago the idea of mobile phones be gaming devices for hardcore gamers was laughable. Now the more you see the advances its seems plasable, assuming the phone will have blutooth conection for a phisicall controller no hardcore gamer will use a phone & an hdmi output to connect it to your tv, again no hardcore gamer will play on a phone. While the idea of a phone outperforming a dedicated console still seems absurd right now, who knows what thigs will look like in 10 years or so.

Eidolon2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

It's laughable to think a phone will outperform a console of the same generation. None of these articles have considered advancement of other technologies that could be implemented in consoles and impossible on phones and and even portable game systems, this will always be the case as consoles are bigger and have more powerful dedicated hardware.

Bob5702663d ago

Nope. Need next gen Playstation and Xbox now.

josephps32663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

2012-Developers get PS4 & Xbox720 Prototype
2013-PS4 & 720 announced and some game teasers shown
2014-early 2014 720 released first, PS3 gets price cut $199 immediately after 720 release. Christmas 2014 PS4 Released

PS4:Faster Bluray, more ram, updated GPU, same cell but faster and more SPU, BC PS3, Multiple Monitor support $399

Killer Next Gen Feature: 3-5 monitor support. Just check out Youtube videos of that setup. You actually have to move your eyeballs and look left and right like you would in real life. This is something that really adds value to gaming experience. Sure graphics will be better but this is game changer. If only platform provides this feature, that platform will win next gen.

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