PlayStation Vita first look

With excellent graphics, a superb 5in screen, dual-analogue and touch screen controls and a host of other goodies, PS Vita narrows the gap between console and handheld, and reminds you why a dedicated mobile gaming device is a good idea.

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N3FAR1052663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Can't come soon enough. I can't believe I'll have to wait until 2012 to get it. Why Sony? Why?!!

NAGNEWS2663d ago

Sony cant just show a product and release it on the same day, well that would be really stupid

Whitey2k2663d ago

makes me laugh when they say it aint close to ps3 or 360! or the details on it is abit rubbish!! u know what i say to that!?! dont u still think that the game might still be in development maybe??

MasterCornholio2663d ago

I am not 2 worried about battery life because i am pretty sure that Sony will shove a pretty potent battery in this this. I mean its a 5 inch handheld and it isnt paper thin so theres plenty of space for a big batter. I predict that the Vita will have around 8 hours worth of battery life which is a lot better than 3 or 4 hours that the 3DS has (with everything on and maxed)

Anyways we have to wait until TGS to find out.

dredgewalker2663d ago

I think the oled screen too would help increase battery life, and also battery technology has come a bit far since the psp.

kharma452663d ago

Battery tech is still the same, just look at phones.

Only difference is there are bigger ones around.

dredgewalker2663d ago

We do have now more reliable and stable lithium based batteries and they pack quite a punch for their small size. Manufacturing processes and materials with certain batteries do get better over time.

Stealth2k2663d ago

"PS Vita narrows the gap between console and handheld"

That gap should be as wide as the ocean. More original games for all systems instead of the ports, multiplats, repackagings we keep seeing.

The amount of new games in the market hasnt been this low since the crash

killcycle2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Maybe for the 360 & pc..

blackburn102662d ago

Maybe if everyone would support the new stuff instead of buying the same thing over and over again developers would be more willing to make other games. But when you buy the same FPS every year and blow off all the games that attempt to try something new this is what happens. Why do anything new and exciting when you can make the same crap over and over again and people still buy it.

mcstorm2663d ago

I really dont know why people are saying the portable market is dieing. The 3DS sales are above what the original DS sales were in its first year even with its high price and the price drop will now see it sell even quicker but they are also forgetting the DS and PSP are still selling very well because of the amount of games that are available for them and Pokemon has just come out for the DS so this will of helped people pick a DS over a 3DS.

Both the PSV and 3DS will be fine and both will sell very well. I have a 3DS and can not fault the Device at all and never had a problem with the 3D screen or battery life. The only thing I do with the 3DS over my PSP is I put the 3DS back on the dock so its always charged where the PSP gets charged when it is flat but that is because it has not got a doc. If Sony release a doc for the PSV I ill end up doing the same with that.

Im also glad Nintendo and Sony are looking in different directions with how they want there handheld devices to play games as it gives us more choice and reason to get both console just like 360/kinect PS3/Move and Wii/wii U next year.

Even though the games industry has lost some big names this gen I think the home and portable industry are going to have some big times ahead of them with what we are seeing form Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.