Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Review [Game Revolution]

"Really, not much has changed. This is probably where hardcore players will complain about Chun-Li and Yun dominating EVO championships, but those same players have been playing Third Strike since its inception in 1999. This love/hate relationship has lasted for more than most marriages."

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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doctorstrange2637d ago

I will have played enough Street Fighter.

That day has not come.

stormeagle62637d ago

I could never get into SF3 with all the weird new characters. Then by the time Third Strike came out I had no interest anymore.

Tito082636d ago

Out of those new characters you said, 4 of them are in SSF4, why don't you just ignore that "weird new characters" thing and give the game a try, it doesn't hurt to try!!!!

Tito082631d ago

Actually it's 6, forgot Yun and Yang!!!!

Fishy Fingers2637d ago

Do you always have the boarders running down each edge of the screen?

Stryfeno22637d ago

There is an option to get rid of them but it looks weird when you do.

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