Brazil's TecToy cranks out Mega Drive Portable handheld

While Sega's Nomad handheld didn't exactly take off, Brazil's TecToy nonetheless looks to be ready to take its own shot at a portable Genesis console, although it's new "Mega Drive Portable" appears to be decidedly more limited than Sega's offering. The biggest drawback, as you might have guessed, is that the handheld drops the clunky cartridges in favor of twenty built-in games, including Altered Beast, Ecco, Kid Chameleon, and Sonic & Knuckles, to name a few.

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If its anything like the other GOAC (Genesis on a chip) Devices made by TecToy (and other more dodgy device makers) then it shouldn't be too hard to hack the circuit and add a full blown cart port. They usually have a soldered ROM that contains all the games, if you desolder this rom and replace the lines with a cart port thats usually the ticket. I bet Ben Heck is drooling over this one! ;)


I don't like TecToy... They have the rights to produce SEGA consoles, but they quit DreamCast as soon as they can, and go produce cheap old 8 bit and 16 bit consoles in a new case... So, when my DreamCast have broken, and I need they to cover the warranty they have "skiped the production of this videogame" (some hardware components was needed to fix it). I feel alone out there in the rain... They are a famous toy factor in Brazil, but they sh!t on videogames after the Mega Drive/Genesis...