Forza Garage Thursday Roundup 8/25/11

Turn 10: "I’ve been waiting to write this Forza Garage Roundup from my first day at Turn 10 a few months back, the moment I heard that one of the cars I love most—and that you, the community, have wanted for ages—was coming to Forza 4. One of the great things about being both a Forza Fan and a car guy is that even though I work here, I can occasionally geek out just as hard as you guys when it comes to the cars we’re including in this game."

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newleaf4060d ago

*opens sliding door and walks out on to the balcony* PORCHEEEERRR!
*sniff* who needs Porche anyway right?

dark-hollow4059d ago

Damn you EA!

But anyway I rarely drove porches in forza 3.