MMOCrunch: League of Legends Review: Why Did I wait so Long!?

MMOCrunch reviews League of Legends to found out what 15 million gamers already know.

"League of Legends is one of those games I never expected to like and when I first decided to review it, I really didn’t think I would be writing a glowing review for it."

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NuclearDuke2663d ago

A) League of Legends does not have 15million individual people playing the game. There is 15million registered accounts. An account can be made every minute, every second actually - So there is no clear indication how many accounts each player has.

B) You waited so long, because it's a free casual game. Usually, free casual games aren't very good. League of Legends is a good free casual game.

C) You are wrong about Pay-To-Win. You can purchase alot of imbalanced characters. Unfortunately, Riot Games experience with balancing is very bad. Guinsoo, the former DotA modder (before Icefrog) took DotA from Defense of the Ancients to DotA Allstars. The game was terribly balanced and not competitively viable before Icefrog took over balancing and developing the game into the game it is today.

If you wish a fun casual game, choose League of Legends.
If you wish a balanced competitive game, choose Heroes of Newerth
If you wish the ultimate of the ActionRTS(MOBA)-genre, choose Dota2 from Valve. It's balanced by Icefrog, who made DotA into what it is and will feature the original intention of the game along with all the familiar Dota heroes.

To put it in perspective only, I have enjoyed all three mentioned games.

JsonHenry2663d ago

^^ Thanks for that. I never jumped on the DotA bandwagon. I like RTS games. Been playing them since the first day the original CnC hit store shelves back in the day. I will probably play DotA2 when it releases.

Flavor2663d ago

Howabout you stop snoodling on Icefrog's junk for a few moments and try to comprehend that some people think DOTA gameplay is way too slow and passive.

Watching just about every game from Valve's million dollar tourney, you can see the same heroes picked over and over, the same builds and the same tactics. Some folks like predictable stuff. I sure don't.