Gearbox : No Microphone with every PS3 hurts the online experience

GB: "Jonathan Hemingway, game designer of Gearbox Software commented on the PS3 online experience and how the lack of microphones bundled with every PS3 hurts the online atmosphere."

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fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

This is definitely true and I've said it since the beginning. I know PS3 uses standard BT but MS bundles a mic in with every console. I think Sony should do the same even if it is a cheap mic...better than nothing. Also my one complaint about BT headsets with PS3 is they ALWAYS pick up background noise. I hate listening to other peoples crap music while playing a game. I know there is a mute button but it happens all to often.

theonlylolking2609d ago

The people usually playing that loud music are peeps that think everyone likes rap or hip hop.

fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Funny enough you are correct! IT IS always rap!

TheFact0032609d ago

That's because everyone does.

beans2609d ago

Where you live its all rap but where I live it's everything else especially pop and latin music.

ilikegam3s2609d ago

Rock/pop/punk, alternative, metal - post-hardcore/metalcore FTW!! :D

But yeah, majority of ppl listens to rap/hip hop :/

NatureOfLogic2609d ago

Loud Rap or loud Metal? neither.

MaxXAttaxX2609d ago

not having a hard-drive with every system....

joydestroy2609d ago

to be fair, it's not always rap. sometimes it's some of the most random crap ever. like other people's conversations and i've even heard some strange music that i couldn't even begin to describe lol.

i am actually glad, though, that Sony doesn't bundle in a headset because it weeds out hearing even more crap like little kids that are being ignorant.

REDHULKSMASH2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Rap aint music, its noise, rather hear gilbert gottfried talk me to death. I mute all those brain dead sloths that blair that shit. I also mute anyone who talks that way. I only talk in killzone , uncharted, socom4, and mag because i like to hear the enemy gripe when i tbag him,and i taunt and egg them on....which aint possible in cod. Cod... Im quiet No mic Unless playing with friends.

inveni02608d ago

I would never speak into a mic anyway, so it doesn't matter. If people want to talk, they'll get a mic. I doubt many people are out there saying, "Damn, if only I had a mic." You can order a BT mic on NewEgg or Amazon for about $ there's no excuse...and Sony knows this.

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jukins2609d ago

microsoft does not bundle a headset with every 360. cheaper models usually didnt come with one. Its funny how ppl always claim everyone talk on the 360 but imo it depends on the game. Hell i hear less ppl talking on steam than on the ps3 but somehow the ps3 gets singled out lol.

Enate2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Exactly, its the same way when I'm on steam. I find that pretty much everyone has a mic on ps3 that needs one. A lot of people just have it turned off when they are playing solo. I have like 3 mics but if I'm playing solo I leave it off. Unless someone calls my name specifically I usually leave it off.

Now when I'm on with the squad we all mic up unless I'm talking on skype. Trust me talk a whole bunch of unnecessary **** in a lobby and the mics will start to pop on. Sometimes I do it just to see who has a mic you would be surprised. Also I find a lot of people don't charge their mic when its not in use and usually have to end up charging it during play.

Which is why I use a usb mic.

gamingdroid2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

There is nothing more annoying when you are playing a team game like Gears of War on Horde mode and you can't tell if the one guy running off can hear you or is just ignoring team play ruining it for everyone.

It's not like it's Halo and everyone is running off trying to become the team's Master Chief.

So yes, a microphone is an online must for me! I have met some awesome people online, including young gamers.

Christopher2609d ago

I stopped using my mic in MAG after the first week or so. It was just people verbally attacking my ears and didn't at all add to the gameplay. I tried it a few times after that, but always the same thing.

I just don't care to hear others when I play online, which isn't that often compared to how often I play single or f2f co-op games.

It's just not for me.

MaxXAttaxX2609d ago


I only enjoy using mics when playing with friends.

jukins2609d ago

yea mics are good but just because someone has a mic doesnt mean they're all the sudden the best teammate in the world. Often times ppl with mics only wear them and use them to complain or blame other ppl for their suckage. Even when "friends" have mics how often are they talking tactics.

gamingdroid2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

It all depends on the community you are playing with. I do find annoying people that find the need to just make noises because there is silence on the microphone. I just mute them!

However, even on Xbox Live I find plenty of people without a headset and it is annoying I can't communicate with them when needed. Gears is a highly team dependent game and that is why it is important to let each other know what is coming and what's next.The Gears community so far has been very mature.

A way around it is to friend people you like to play with for next time and rate people you don't to avoid being matched in the future. It becomes part of the profile.

If you don't like it, you can mute everyone. The option is there either or.

I can't speak for MAG... never tried it, but it raises questions like how do you even reasonably co-ordinate anything with so many people? How do you even talk when everyone is potentially shouting over each other?

-Alpha2609d ago

Lol. Sounds like you had a traumatizing experience. What faction did you join? I think it is Raven that is known to be full of younger kids because it is the "coolest"

My experience with MAG was just the opposite. People using both mics and teamwork provided an excellent teamplay experience.

It's too bad PS3 doesn't come with a mic but you can only lead a horse to water anyway

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Miiikeyyy2609d ago Show
Anon19742609d ago

Ugh! Speak for yourself. I love the fact that not every PS3 comes with a mic. The worst thing you could do is throw a mic in front of every 10 year old on the planet.

In my opinion, buying a mic acts as a bit of an intelligence test. You need to recognize that you need a mic, have $20 or more to spend, be able to get to the door, put on your shoes without drooling all over yourself, focus long enough to remember why you were leaving the house, make it to a store, complete the transaction, find your way back home, and finally setup the mic.

this seems to cut back on about 90% of the morons out there who would ruin the online experience for everyone as they seem to be unable to complete these steps. So it's a bit quieter, for sure and it isn't without it's share of idiots but at least everyone with a pulse isn't yelling into their free mics like on some networks I've played on.

kaveti66162609d ago

I thought every PS3 owner was a mature individual at least 20 years of age with a good job and great social life.

So much for that stereotype.

Hey did you know there's a button on your controller that, when you press it, it immediately brings up a menu on the screen that has an option there that says, "Mute Players"?
Did you know that? And when you click on that option, do you know what happens?

But no, pressing that button would be too hard.

It's better if Sony just doesn't include a headset.

DaReapa2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

@ darkride66
Lol. So true. And i'm pretty sure that the vast majority of PS3 owners who'd prefer to have a mic either owns one or have little to no problem acquiring one. I doubt that this lack of a mic pack-in is as big a deal as most make it out to be. Maybe not as "appealing" to some potential PS3 buyers, but not so much an issue in the scope of current owners.

mandf2609d ago

I agree Darkride66. Every child under 15 thinks we want to hear them sing or listen to their music. I don't know if it's just me but anyone that hasn't hit puberty sounds like a screechy little girl. It's very grating on my ears.

JsonHenry2609d ago

Yeah, one of the biggest reasons I don't like PSN gaming over the 360 is it is like a ghost town most of the time. Not to mention the voice quality is pure crap compared to Steam/XLIVE.

MaxXAttaxX2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

What kinda mic or connection do you have?

For me it's always clean. Maybe they people you're playing with have sh*t mics(?)

JsonHenry2609d ago

It depends. My friend in new york switches between a bluetooth headset and the sony branded PS3 USB headset device. Both sound like pure crap. And it isn't just him either. I used to play CoD on the PS3 for a while and the few people that had mics sounded like crap too.

It isn't the PS3 itself, it is the software running the voice. Something that CAN be fixed at least. Steam and Xboxlive used to sound like crap too until they updated their VoIP quality.

JellyJelly2609d ago

The sound on Xbox Live was ok before but it got a lot better after MS increased the bitrate about a year ago.

Mikeyy2608d ago

People need to use USB mics.

The Blutooth ones sound like crap, and pick up noise everywhere.

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Lite_ratchet2609d ago

"MS bundles a mic in with every console."

Then why didn't my 4g xbox come with a mic?

kaveti66162609d ago

Why did you buy a 4gig model is another great question.

Lite_ratchet2609d ago

@kaveti6616 Have you seen the lack of exclusive games released for the 360 in the past year and a half? Why spend $300 for a console that isn't coming out with games?

kaveti66162609d ago

Why buy one at all, then?

gamingdroid2609d ago

It's the Kinect Effect! :D

TyrionL2608d ago

@ Lite
"@kaveti6616 Have you seen the lack of exclusive games released for the 360 in the past year and a half? Why spend $300 for a console that isn't coming out with games?"

Well if you just got one then there are more games out for it then there are for the PS3. Thats why.

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BladedTech2609d ago

It's not that bad to be honest. I had a 40 GB PS3 back in the day. I looked at mics and all of the ones I tried sucked. The audio quality was terrible, but I guess that's just the standard with video game headsets. They'll probably fix it with the new Wireless one.

Scary692609d ago

The headset microsoft bundles with the 360 are the cheap headsets. For $249 stop being so cheap and go buy your own mic.

ZeroX98762609d ago

I agree with you that you should be able to enjoy online communication right on the start.

I'm a big fan of Xbox live and there's one thing I'm ALWAYS doing when I game online, MUTE almost 90% of all the person in the lobby. consumers uses their headset just to trash talk or to say stupid things in the lobby. the best feature Xbox as over PS3 is the party chat (private option). it mutes everyone except the one you want to talk to. that's a feature I would love to have on my PS3.

So yes, having a microphone is nice for gaming, but a big lot of players don't use it well. someone who's really using a headset everyday would probably buy a better one than the crappy one microsoft gives with their Xbox. I have a Astro A40 headset for my 360 and it's awesome.

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xtheownerzx2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

This may be true but there alsoforgetting its always the reason why 12 and 13year olds aren't running around psn with voice changers on.

@fluffy you know what your probably right. Ive played with a lot older gamers. I haven't really played on Xbox live in awhile so times must have change.

fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Quite the stereotype. I've met plenty of older people on XBL and I have only head voice changers but a couple of times. Just the other day while waiting for Deus Ex at gamestop the guy ahead of me was an avid gamer on xbox and was 48 years old!

iamnsuperman2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I think a HDMI cable with every one box is not needed. HDMI are cheep. Go down to the local supermarket and there's usually one for a couple of quid. The headset is interesting. Good idea. Could make a really cheap version and a more expensive one. I have a blue tooth head set but personally never use it.

banner2609d ago

what no hdmi? i think thats worse than no mic! cheap or not if the person buying dont know any better he will hook up his console and be wondering why it looks so ugly.

iamnsuperman2609d ago

I think we are actually passed this stage. When the PS3 first launched I would agree but people know what a HDMI is and what HD is. They may not know the difference between HDMI1.3 and 1.4 but they know to get HD I need this cable. The probably might end up buying the expensive ones but they know what it is

banner2609d ago

maybe... but its an hd console, how you ganna sell an hd console that isnt hd ready out the box?!

its just dumb..

Skateboard2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I have my buletooth. I did my part.

Agent_00_Revan2608d ago

Unfortunately mine still picks up. every single noise and makes me self conscious to use it

Why o why2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

should be bundled imo....I wouldnt use it personally but thats something ms did right, right off the bat. What sony did do right is allowing any bluetooth device to be used.