US PS3 launch to eclipse 360's

Sony's communications men have inevitably been out and about trying to put a positive spin on yesterday's announcements about PS3.

Just in case you missed it (ha!), the console's been delayed until March 2007 in Europe, the worldwide launch now only covers Japan and North America, and there are only 500,000 units to spread across both - with the US getting the (relatively) vast majority.

That wasn't enough to deflect senior corporate comms man Dave Karraker from his purpose however, as he told IGN that he was quite chuffed with the proposed US launch. "The North American number is just below what we had available at launch for PS2 and is higher than what Microsoft had for Xbox 360," he explained.

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EasilyTheBest5873d ago

Out in march 2007 When you promised march 2006
Dream on.... Itll be September 2007 in europe NEXT...

lalaland5873d ago

Sony never promissed PS3 for a release in march 2006 in any territory, they did promise a spring (march, april or may) 2006 release of the PS3 -- but indicated that would be for Japan only.

This is the first public delay of PS3 in Europe, and a sour one...

But I've waited so long that I can wait four more months...

The Snake5873d ago

...because you have to.

FeralPhoenix5873d ago

I guess Sony has no shame why point out how many consoles M$ had in the U.S. when they cleary did a hell of alot better with a global launch by not shafting the 3rd largest market with ZERO CONSOLES! WOW here is the most interesting part of the article:

"Providing of course you ignore the fact that Microsoft was off selling around half a million 360s in Europe during the same period, Dave. No need to rub in the fact that we're being shelved in favour of beefing up the US numbers."

lol, I guess the STUPIDITY at Sony must be contagious! Now the worst part is Sony never planned on launching in any Region in Spring of 06, as you can see it was just a diversion to stop 360's momentum and they knew some would actually wait, then they would keep pushing back the date, playing the same strategy over and over again in the hopes that fans would bite and keep waiting while they get their act together. Its really sad that Sony thinks they can do this an nobody would care....then have to nerve to disrespect Europeans with statements like this.

Boink5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

we screwed up the rest of the world, but at least we are doing a little better than our competition in 1 market, assuming we don't delay again anyway.

well done dipsh|t...

Monchichi0255873d ago

Laughing My ASS off!!!!

Come on, how stupid do you think we really are Sony!!!! You have done nothing but Lie ever since..... well that's all you've ever done. And you still expect us to believe that you will be able to even come close to 6 million!! You did just notice that you dropped your initial sales by over HALF!! Where are these extra couple of million units supposed to come from??? 6 million was the number you were struggling to meet before this bad news, and now you expect us to take your word on it. It's not like you can all of a sudden increase production can you??

All I gotta say is "F" YOU Sony!!! You lost a loyal customer and I'm sure you will be losing MANY, MANY more! I will Never buy anything with the Sony name on it ever again!!!

Dusk5873d ago

Actually, MS sold 375k 360s in the US for its launch. Sony is predicting 400k PS3s in the US for its launch. That's not much of a difference, assuming Sony actually reaches that number. Of course, MS was also selling 360s in Europe at the same time. Sorry, Sony, you lose. Also, Europeans, don't sell yourselves short. Europe is actually the second biggest market, not Japan. Europe is a key player in the console war. If MS takes advantage of this by offering Europeans something during this time, they could easily take over that market. I have a feeling that the 360 will come out on top in the US market. If the 360 wins over the European market, it doesn't matter what happens in the Japanese market. Besides, Nintendo is going to crush Sony in the Japanese market.

lalaland5873d ago

Atleast it was in june at MS financial conference call... Not too many units sold in Europe at that time. The only really succesful market for X360 at that point was NA. I don't believe too much has changed since that time, but who knows... And the delay of PS3 may even have helped MS even more... But I'm not convinced untill I get some official numbers from MS proving otherwise.

Spunkmeyer435873d ago

How exactly is Europe still open territory??? How exactly does the gaming market differ in Europe to the US, I am from UK and the 360 sold out is seconds on release and was near impossible to get one before march! Microsoft sales throughout Europe have maintained a high level of demand and has often out stripped supply! Your comment seems to have no substantiation. I think ultimately this time round the market is gonna be locked between 360 and PS3, I think in 2 years time it will be Microsoft holding the lions share of the market, public perception of Sony right now certainly proves that point.

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