PAX: New Starhawk Screens Highlight Space Battles

Sony have released a new batch of Starhawk screens in honor of PAX this weekend, which Starhawk will be present at and give gamers a chance to play in some 5v5 CTF matches.

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Pixel_Pusher2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Damn SH looks phenomenal! Sony has some of the sexiest exclusives in the biz.

Convas2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Welps, between Starhawk and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, I should be a pretty happy PS3 gamer in 2012.

Can't wait to get into a starhawk and dogfight in space. Bungie deprived me of space dogfighting MP in Halo: Reach, but come next year, that need will be sated.

LOL @ Disagree(s): You're totally right. I have no right to pretend I have a PS3, when clearly, I dont. I'm sorry D:

DigitalRaptor2636d ago

I'm gonna be crazily happy gamer in 2012.

Many great looking exclusives like Starhawk, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Secret World; great multiplats like BioShock Infinite, Hitman: Absolution, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Darkness II, Metal Gear Solid Rising etc.

LOGICWINS2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

This game looks beast! Hopefully the learning curve isn't as brutal as Warhawk's.

A newcomer to Warhawk four years after it launches is like throwing a person who can't swim into a pool of sharks. Your odds of winning/having fun are VERY slim when you keep getting owned over and over again.

The biggest problem with Warhawk was air to troop kills, but I remember that Jobe said he would address this issue.

NateNater2636d ago

"The biggest problem with Warhawk was air to troop kills, but I remember that Jobe said he would address this issue."

Yeah, I believe they resolved this issue by removing the hovering from the hawks.

LOGICWINS2636d ago

Yep, ur right. Now I remember. That alone will make me pre-order this game.

Unicron2636d ago

I believe they also simplified the controls and removed the "pro" flight controls that had sixaxis support. Someone who mastered that kind of flight just dominated...

LOGICWINS2636d ago

^^It's like how they simplified the controls for Fight Night Champion. In a game that involves strategy, you should be able to carry out your strategy without worrying about cumbersome controls. Having difficult controls doesn't make a game challenging, it makes it FRUSTRATING.

Unicron2636d ago

Well said. I'm also glad they ditched the auto lock on for the foot battles, for a more Gears/UC over the shoulder approach.

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BitbyDeath2636d ago

Those explosions look pretty awesome.

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