Resident Evil 5 Demo Due jan. 2, 2008?

Hidden in an article on about'Resident Evil: Extinction is some info about a possible Resident Evil 5 Demo.

"Additional supplements shared with the standard-def DVD version of the film (which is debuting day-and-date with the Blu-ray) include an audio commentary with director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt, four making-of featurettes, eleven deleted scenes, and two video game demos (for "Devil May Cry 4" and "Resident Evil 5")."

It is possible that they could mean trailers, but the article do read demos, so decide for yourself.

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sonarus4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

aaaah. dats actuall smart. definetly getting it now even though i dnt really care for the movie. hope this isnt a joke or a mistake hope these are PLAYABLE

pandabear4926d ago

If this is true it's a masterstroke to shift good numbers of blu ray discs and get gamers into blu-ray. Kudos to Sony, I'll wait just now until I defo know it's demo's and not just trailers - Fingers crossed cos I didn't expect to see Res evil for a long time.

riqued4926d ago

Power of the blu-ray!
I am buying this.

LOFT3164926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Could mean trailers or demo's? gonna be interesting

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The story is too old to be commented.