Kojima’s FOX Engine Is Next-Gen Ready | GameBlurb

Gameblurb writes, "At the Konami's Gamers Day at NYC, Konami's Product Manager for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection gave us a bit info on Kojima's FOX Engine."

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ATi_Elite2664d ago

Whose Next Gen cause Graphically it looks just like FarCry2 to me! I wonder will it have the awesome grass fire that FarCry2 had cause that was really cool.

Gray-Fox-Type02664d ago

what this engine looked like current gen games...nothing special about it.

SilentNegotiator2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

A little early to make a judgement call either way. More important than graphics when it comes to engines themselves is efficiency and development options/tools.

One early demo isn't going to show that.

ATi_Elite2663d ago

Yeh i agree..

I compared it to FarCry 2 and got mad crazy disagrees but seriously it doesn't look anything special that i would consider next Gen like BF3!

MaxXAttaxX2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

You got "crazy disagrees" because you said it looked like FarCry2, despite the title saying next-gen "READY".

That screen is from a current project.

Shane Kim2663d ago

There are engines that are over a decade old and can still look pretty good to this day. It's about the dev tools and how to further optimise the engine.

leahcim2663d ago

its a PICTURE!!!! you have to see it in actual movement to say what you are all saying

showtimefolks2663d ago

if we want to see a huge jump in graphics and in performance than we should be willing to pay 599 plus but as we saw with ps3/sony that 599 price for a console won't happen.

so next gen won't be as huge jumo as ps2 to ps3 was.

now if the companies actually wait till 2015 and i do mean nothing before 2015 we could see a huge jump and a decent price point

but MS will jump the gun to get a head start we can all bet on that and we will all most likely win that bet

and i am glad kojima took his time to make sure it was next gen ready to deliver a MGS game at launch for next gen consoles or maybe a year after launch

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Bay2664d ago

I'd say the Unreal Engine is next-gen ready, what with the Samaritan demo and all...

Not sure about Kojima's FOX engine though. Looks like current gen games, although there hasn't been much games or demos for it yet.

zinki332664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yes ,.. maybe,.. but to get that thing running at stable framerate in gameplay mode,.. We will probably have to wait 3 or more years, if we expect consoles to be affordable to most gamers,.. It was certainly impressive.

Can anyone link what rig that was running on @[email protected]?

@fluffydelusions (DOWN) Thanx bro!
lol,.. ok than,.. damn,.. lololol never mind consoles in 3 years, to get so affordable,..

fluffydelusions2664d ago

Well I know it had 3x580's in it...

Voxelman2663d ago

1920x1080 60fps
3X GTX580

But Epic said that it was unoptimised and they said could get it down to 1 GTX580. Add in lower profile OS and less API overhead of consoles and it should be doable by a ~$500 console in late 2012.

nickjkl2663d ago

wait what no

put a gtx 580 in a console in 2012

do you want them to over heat or something

Voxelman2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@ nickjkl I actually meant to put "2013" lol but no not a GTX 580 but a GTX 660/HD 7770 equivalent should be about right which should offer similar performance as a 580 once tweaked and optimised for consoles, at much lower power and heat.

Nvidia are promising significant reductions in power usage and heat from their next arch thanks new power management and transistor design and going down to 28nm should offer insane performance per watt.

And given the more likely date of late 2013/14 for Sony and MS's next consoles and you are looking at a generation of GPUs past even that.

MaxXAttaxX2663d ago

That's $1500. No thanks.

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junk3d2664d ago

Man I really want to see this on the PC and see if it takes advantage of DX 11.

DankJemo2664d ago

I wonder if we are going to see this engine first in an MGS game, or if he's got something bigger planned for it. I know Kojima has been talking about other projects recently. Either way, it is going to be an interesting bit of information when it finally comes out.

zero_cool2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Id say the fox engine rivals the best game engines in the gaming industry thus far!

cj1pate1012664d ago

You sir = epic fail. Your that type of person that can see god waving his hand in your face but you would still ignore it. Last time I checked the only thing they have shown was screen shots of the engine. Have you worked with this piece of flop yet? I don't think so kid. The best part is next gen consoles will have 4 gigs of ddr3 ram and a graphics card no way close to what I have in my computer. So while your games look like this =/..Pc will have evolved to much greater heights then this bs. O and btw my graphics card is a 4 gigs of ddr5 video ram while ur console 256MB of RAM and 256MB of video RAM -.-. Epic fail kid epic fail.

BubbleSniper2664d ago

how fast is your clock speeds on your gpu? if you dont mind me asking

cj1pate1012664d ago

How do you disagree with a console having 256 mb of ram and a computer having a dedicated 4 gigs of vid ram.

colombiankilla012664d ago

I think people disagreed with you because you sound like a 12 year old little queer! Epic fail epic fail epic fail ! STFU

Bonobo123452663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


Ha! he made a valid comment, an engine doesn't have to have anything to do with hardware, it's software and can be made to run on various platforms, his point is valid since all we have seen is a screenshot! no one know the details yet.

He just stated his point of view but what confuses me is that you saw this as your cue to insert pre thought out argument in a completely pointless circumstance.

grow up kid, I have quite a beastly PC but I don't find the need to go around the nets inserting pointless arguments where they don't belong.

You fail gamers, the industry and most importantly, yourself.

thekiddfran2663d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They have serious insecurity issues.

He doesn't know anything about it, yet he calls it a "piece of flop".

Truth2663d ago

it is a very nice looking game engine and I'm sure in the right developers hands with the right hardware it will be amazing. Don't forget Kojima was the first to truly push the PS3 with MGS4 and it still holds up pretty good even today. And wow, so you have a nice gaming rig. Who cares? I have an E46 M3 with headers, under drive pullies, flashed ECU and possibly a HPF turbo build coming in the next few months. So yeah, you're computer can emulate your pimply face with it's hardcore, pwnage, epic, l33t ( insert other immature crap adverbs )graphics cards, but my car is cooler, faster and picks up more women than yours. Have fun exploding in your pants when you're explaining your rig to your D&D friends, while I'm railing chicks in the club. :D

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