Another Wii port headed to the PS3?

The Conduit series seemed to have created quite a furor among Wii users making it a worthy FPS to browse through on the Wii. The game also put High Voltage Software and Quanutm 3 engine on the map for supporting and setting a graphical benchmark for games which appeared on the Wii.

If history has to repeat itself this game which was initially designed and released for the Wii is getting its feet wet on the PS3.

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Nike3321d ago

Well now which Wii title is left, they ported almost all the third party exclusives to the Wii...

LoaMcLoa3321d ago

Madworld and Muramasa came first to my mind. Those games deserves more attention, and seeing those games in HD would be glorious!

Still, I don't like exclusivity being taken away. Soon it will feel that the only reason I bought Wii was for Nintendo-titles :C

Nike3321d ago

You know I wouldnt mind if they made a HD version on Manhunt...

xabmol3321d ago


Day Frikin One! It's the only 3rd party game I feel I'm missing out on from the waggle box.

LoaMcLoa3321d ago

"You know I wouldnt mind if they made a HD version on Manhunt... "

I would prefer another sequel.

zero_cool3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

id like manhunt 3 for PS3 with no censorship with god of war 3's level of violence & gore with plasystation move & 3D support & i'll be all over that game like a fat kid with candy bar!

Shok3321d ago

Lol, what? There's only been like 2-3 Wii-to-PS3 ports so far. The Wii still has plenty of 3rd-party exclusives.

Titanz3321d ago

More people get to experience the title.

Nike3321d ago

is for LOZ and Metrod and all the mario exclusives...Thrid party exclusives are dead this generation. All these ports makes me realise Gears might someday come to the PS3 fag end of the PS3 life cycle maybe but definitely might come...

Skateboard3321d ago

Hot, Happy that PS3 got No More Heroes.

Nike3321d ago

I personally loved :)

BrightFalls763321d ago

I was excited for No More Heroes until I bought it and played it, feels very outdated.

lizard812883321d ago

For some reason, the PS3 version is water-downed. There is less violence, blood, ect. Its more censored than the wii version, which is odd.

ZeroChaos3321d ago

Poor Wii. At least it has Mario! :(

Perjoss3321d ago

Mario is not alone...

Here are some great Wii titles: Zack & Wiki, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Monster Hunter Tri and just released Xenoblade Chronicles.

AWBrawler3320d ago

i have plenty of exclusives i enjoy on the Wii. they may not be the highest sellers, but I enjoyed them all the same. Which include:
A boy and his blob
Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Cursed Mountain
Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World
Chocobo Dungeon
FFCC Crystal Bearers
No More Heroes 2
Arc Rise Fantasia
Rune Factory Frontier
Zack and Wiki
Epic Mickey
and plenty more 3rd party exclusives. my entire collection is atleast 85% third party for the Wii. all of which are exclusive minus the 2 that got ported. (NMH and 007)

Niles3320d ago

No twilight princess?

Perjoss3320d ago

"No twilight princess?"

An amazing game but not a Wii exclusive, it was originally on the gamecube, you could argue that its a Nintendo exclusive or current generation exclusive though, as it's not on the ps3 or 360.

AWBrawler3320d ago

I got Twilight for the Gamecube as it was intended to be played, and that's not all of my games. I have 55 wii games still with me.

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The story is too old to be commented.