Beta! What is it good for?

GameNTrain: I’ve been sitting here thinking about the Beta’s that I’ve been lucky enough to play. The current one on my console is the Resistance 3 Beta. Sadly, I’ve only fired this up twice. Both times I have done so just left a sour taste in my mouth. Hit the jump and see what I’m talking about.

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CrimsonEngage2637d ago

Good question. I'v been in hundreds of betas. It's just till recently with the BF3 beta due to come out that i realize that it shouldn't be called a Beta. They should just call it a "Demo".

The beta is in September and the game comes out in November. Second, the beta probably won't come out until the middle of September. I hardly think they can fix bugs in that amount of time.

Gears of War 3's beta was an actual beta. They have just been polishing this entire time.

PixL2637d ago

Multiplayer beta deals more with the server side of a game and servers can be adjusted more easily. Besides, I remember BFBC2 beta and they fixed a lot of issues between it and the final game. Also, BFBC2 had a beta, then a demo and they were different.

I like betas, especially those from PS+. I saved a lot more than the subscription fee on those alone.

gcolley2637d ago

plus they can release updates at launch, perfectly acceptable these days on console. releasing a broken game and not patching it for 6 months is the result of lack of beta testing where the actual game becomes the beta. of course with the internet, the damage has already been done.

Bad company 1 suffered badly from this. most people wrote the game off too early and missed out on the best MP FPS at the time, yes better than MW for the same reason BF3 will be better than MW3... destruction and vehicles.

rdgneoz32637d ago

Some are more like demos, others are actual betas. With UC3, they've had a bunch of improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes that occurred over the course of it. RE3 has had some improvements and bug fixes as well. Sure it had some major problems after a bit, but I'd rather them fix it in beta that have that problem at retail. Can't say anything about the GeOW 3 beta, as I didn't play it except for a bit at a friends.

Overall, even if its a month before release, testing the game out with a lot more people than what happens in internal testing or private betas is always better than releasing a product without doing that and having a ton of bugs, glitches, and hacks on release day (cough COD cough). Hell, making sure your servers can handle the amount of players you'll get on release is always good.

2636d ago