Elder Scrolls' The Adoring Fan Speaks. An Interview With Craig Sechler

"Woven into the very fabric of Tamriel, Craig Sechler’s name materialised on the radar of mainstream gamers when he appeared in Oblivion as the “Adoring Fan”. Building on this success, Craig then also appeared in Fallout 3 as “Butch Deloria”, but reprised the attractive, yet annoying tendances of previous characters, by playing the “annoying man” in Fallout 3. Craig has carved out a massive fan base that still, to this very day, find ways to humiliate, execute and play with the characters he has voiced."

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WhiteLightning2663d ago

There has to be a Adoring fan in Skyrim....

I doubt Bethesda would miss a chance like that after the reception the first one got.

Dovahkiin2662d ago

TGL: Are you part of Skyrim? If you are, we understand that you can’t say much but can you tell the fans what they can expect from it?

CS: Yes I am. I can’t tell you what to expect from it because my end is only the characters I did, and I don’t have any roles the size of the Adoring fan in it. <laughs> But yes, what I can say is that I really enjoyed my recording sessions for Skyrim.

Cameo appearance, perhaps?

Kee2662d ago

Is thoronir from the copius coinpurse in the picture? I just remember his voice being all over the place in oblivion.

dkgshiz2662d ago

Honestly surprised to see this article. The Adoring Fan was basically a tiny character in the game with no significance.

Tuxedo_Mask2662d ago

He was the voice of a lot more characters than just that, not surprisingly.

From IMDb: High Chancellor Ocato / Falcar / Alval Uvani / Faelian / The Adoring Fan / Clavicus Vile / Barbas / Sheogorath - pre Shivering Isles / Male Dunmer / Male Altmer / Male Bosmers