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"The gaming community is still taking in the news of just what exactly happened in GameStop store’s all across the country this week, and the bad press seems to only be building. It appears that Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Square Enix and digital distributor OnLive made a last minute agreement to include a digital (OnLive) copy of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game with all PC copies of the game; a deal that GameStop claims they were unaware of prior to the fact. GameStop, which has been taking steps to establish an online distribution system of their own, made the decision to have employees actually open copies of the game, remove the coupons for the OnLive copy and then sell them to unknowing customers as new."

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topekomsi2614d ago

Hopefully the "industry" will kill gamestop, they are cancerous to gaming.

joab7772614d ago

Regardless of their past I must say that I give them a pass. This is another case of flawed logic. First off, they should have told customers that they were opened and onlive bonuses were removed and that they guarantee condition. The problem is that they were put in a catch 22 without knowledge or a viable option. Had they immediatley recalled and stopped selling it, many gamers who pre ordered it would b furious saying that their ability to obtain pre order bonuses was forever gone. Many already had it paid for and Gamestop doesn't refund pre orders. If they had taken that action, I guarantee u gamers would have said "all they had to do is take the onlive bonus out and sell it to us. We woulda liked to b given the option." As gamers we say, hey they shoulda just bit the bullet and sold, but that would nav set a dangerous precedent for future last minute deals, ie. Ill give u 10 million more if u slip it in at the last second. Because of past events, everyone immediatley assumes Gamestop did something shady. The shadiest thing would have been to immediately pull the game and tell gamers, too bad for u. It is simple, they could not sell it w the pre order bonus. But they did have a responsibilty to deliver a game to many ppl. They should have told them the truth up front but I think we r missing something. Wouldn't square enuf and onlive b nor to blame if they really tried to pull this off?

I have had issues w Gamestop before and I believe this is why they are getting the blame here but honestly, for those who pre ordered it, did u really care if u didn't get the code u knew nothing about. Did u care more than not getting it at all? There is blame to go around but I don't think it lies w Gamestop this time...unless of course they knew a long time ago.

DlocDaBudSmoka2614d ago

Gamestop is wrong. they open the box and take out a code that everyone who doesnt shop at GS will get. tell me, would you be pissed if we both bought the same game, mine from walmart, yours from GS. Now i get an extra that wasn't mentioned, unless you look online, and you get an open game. But heres the kicker, we both paid the same price. thats how GS fuct up.

Power to the Players indeed./s

joab7772613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

How would u feel if u ran a business like a hardware store and u ordered parts in a package and when u sold them, they had a gift certificate to ur competitors store inside? U would b furious. The difference is that u could simply tell ppl u were out of stock and deal w ur the shady vendor that tried to slip this one past u. They had millions of customers who had already paid them for the product and presumably wanted their pre order bonus too. Also u and I I have been getting different bonuses inside games and paying the same price for a long time. They are called bonuses and its quite clear here that even if Gamestop knew, they would never b required to insert the code of a competitor or future competitor.

The problem doesn't lie w Gamestop...on this issue...but w those who could hav told them about it. Then Gamestop could nav told ppl, " u wont b getting the onlive code if u buy it here." Like I mentioned above, If we find out that square enix told them a month ago then the blame lies w Gamestop obviously.

DlocDaBudSmoka2613d ago

well we'll just have to agree to disagree. but i get what you're saying. my biggest gripe is how GS will open shit and still sell it as "new".