The Xbox 720 Shouldn’t Have Achievements

360 Magazine: Surely this tired mechanic should be put to bed soon?

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Buff10442614d ago

Achievements were a great idea that changed the gaming landscape across PlayStation and mobile devices. No way Microsoft would ditch this.

gamingdroid2614d ago

From the article, the 5 reasons are:

***1. It forces you to do terrible things***

That just means bad design on the achievements. For instnace, I hate online achievements, because you can't replicate anyones experience so it is a little unfair on top of encouraging people to diverge from proper teamwork.

That said, properly done it is great! CoD4: MW did it right with Mile High Club Achievement.

***2. It breeds hate in your fellow gamer***

I have never heard of any animosity due to your gamerscore... beyond, you have no life since you have such a high score, but you hear that anyhow when you happen to be good at a game.

***3. It’s going to become even more elitist***

The gaming community is among the most elitist and immature group of people I have been involved with. I have also found some great friends in it....

***4. It meddles with sales figures***

Not, my problem. If it sells and people buy it, that is their issue. None of my business of preventing others from buying something they want as long as it doesn't affect me.

***5. It allows developers to get away with murder***

For some gamers, it extends gameplay. If they don't enjoy it, that is their fault. Who am I to complain about what others spend their time on.

Some would say playing video games is waste of time....

I like Achievements, but would like MS to have better guidelines on acceptable practices. Certain type of achievements shouldn't be done like KZ2's (yes, it is a trophy) you must be at the top of the leader boards chart. Only a fraction of the community can get that.

otherZinc2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )


@Dave Shaw,
STFU! You sound ridiculous. This is what Soccer Moms do when little Timmy isn't the star pitcher on the 9yr old little league team. Then making a rule that all kids pitch? No!

Achievements are good to fight against liars. The guys that say "oh I beat that", no you didn't, I saw your gamer score. "Oh but I played it", no you didn't, I saw your gamer score. "Well...I,I" nah, STFU with your [email protected]!

@M$, please dont listen to "Dave Shaw" & other knuckleheads that want to ruin an innovative feature. Next, Dave will say we dont need Cross Game Chat!

davidmccue2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

To make achievements more appealing they should offer a points for prizes, so you can cash in any gamerscore you have accumulated for free games/content from the market place.

jetlian2614d ago

were thinking of that. However in the beginning people found ways to add GS to an account.


No online achievements/trophies. Campaign only

Perjoss2614d ago

I am 50/50 when it comes to achievements, I went through a phase where I was pretty obsessed with them and I loved them at the time, gave me a reason to keep playing games that I had already finished.

But now I look at my pile of shame and there are so many good games on there that I have not even started. some of the games I replayed for achievements were quite long, like Mass Effect (30+ hours) and Fallout 3 (70+ hours), looking back now I wish I had played other games instead of replaying ones that I had already finished.

kneon2614d ago

Achievements and trophies are here to stay. There are plenty of people that primarily (or only) play one console because they don't want to fall behind on their gamer score or trophies by splitting time across multiple systems.

It's sad and pathetic but unfortunately true for far too many people.

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coolbeans2614d ago

Achievements add more value to the game. "The Xbox 720 shouldn't have terriblely-implemented achievements" should be the title imo.

Biglet2614d ago

Doesn't matter if the mechanic is tired, if he hasn't finished his shift, he won't get paid.

DaveX3602614d ago

I think it fundamentally alters the design of quite a few 360 titles in ways that simply promote grinding.

Though you could ignore them it's hard to, making games slightly less satisfying than they used to be.

jimmins2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

You know what I think?

Achievements were good, but with 80,000 Gamerscore, I just don't care anymore.

They should use points as an aggregated system to give each gamer a rating. Better still, nobble MW2's system and employ a meta-achievement system that unlocks insignias and such, not for specific games, but for overall amounts of tough-to-get chieves.

MS need to find some way of making them feel valuable points of gaming pride once again.

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