Get Ready for Super Monday Night Combat, a Very DotA Shooter That is Free to Play

One of the surprise hits of 2010, Monday Night Combat is getting a sequel that its creators don't exactly call a sequel. They call it Super Monday Night Combat, an evolution of the third-person shooter they launched on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010.

The game has changed. It is intended, this time around, to be a PC gamer's delight. Look out, League of Legends or DotA 2. This is supposed to be free DotA that packs heat.

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Phil40002614d ago

So is this only for PC, the original was on all platforms I believe?

NuclearDuke2614d ago

Original was for Xbox originally - then ported to PC and put on Steam.

It was however, not very populatet, which is a great shame as this game was super hillarious to play with friends. It's nothing alike your standard shooter, wether it being CoD,BF, UT or Quake - This is something spectacular different and I really wish they spend more time promoting this game, as it is a new type of game rather than being a copycat of what is on the market!

NuclearDuke2614d ago

To go through the basics:

You have two teams with a base each. The maps are not huge, so there is very tight action packed combat!

Each base has spawners, like DotA with mobs that tries to reach the enemies Money Ball and destroy it! You must help them by destroying enemy bots, meanwhile your opponents are doing the very same which leads to clashes of Pros vs. Pros.

There are four different classes, probably more to come in Super Monday Night Combat, with three different skills that you can level up three times. All these are different from one class to another and they help boosting your abilities to slaughter bots and pros.

If you haven't already, I suggest you watch some videos to see what it's all about, it's GREAT fun!

Myst2614d ago

Ah hope it won't die down too fast. I was going to get MNC but kept hearing that the population was slim so I passed. Not going to play around with this one going to try and get all the time I can in.

Xeserox2614d ago

There are more people that play it on xbox than on steam. I do still look for the games on steam as i prefer it on PC... even though i had it at launch on xbox.

BladedTech2614d ago

This sucks. Now I won't be able to play the first one and beast like a boss!