Lost Odyssey Will Make You The Talk Of Hot Topic: Accessories Are Fabulous

Whether it's emo glasses or a fancy scarf, these accessories not only look *FABULOUS* but allow you to learn skills. Immortal characters in the game will be able to learn each ability, while human characters must keep the item equipped to benefit. Yet more rampant specism in the game world.

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ParaDise_LosT4926d ago

Holy Sh!te thats awesome!
Kaim looks so friggin serious but he has those wierd glasses on his face.
I'm buying this game day 1 for sure!

Darkiewonder4926d ago

I love dressing up my characters in game and seeing it on them during battle!

Hair Down + Glasses >>>>>>>&g t; Other look.

YoMeViet4926d ago

yay...emo glasses and scarf...what would they think up next. >_>

ParaDise_LosT4926d ago

13 sequels and 4 spin offs