Video Game Movies; Are Fans The Only Ones Who Make Them Right?

Game Player:

It struck me today as I was watching a short film by Dan Trachtenberg which was inspired by the events of Valve’s puzzle solving game Portal. “All the best videogame films or clips or trailers I have ever seen have been fan-made” I realised. “So why don’t we run with that?”

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zeal0us2614d ago

sadly yes b/c the some of the directors,actors and etc are too lazy to do their research and only thinking about it will attract more ppl meaning $$$.

ATi_Elite2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Because fans have actually played these games for 100's of hours and know every single important detail about the game and it's their passion and not some money grab like the idiots in Hollywood who pump out horrible movies left and right.

Just give these fans the equipment and finances then stand back and let them make the movies.

Escape from City 17 part 2 cost $250 to make and it's the best movie I've seen all summer!! I seriously have been scouring the Internet trying to donate money to the makers so they can make more.

256bit2614d ago

EFC17 is a short film not a movie.

ATi_Elite2614d ago

Jesus H Crist REALLY!!

you used a bubble for that! A story about the wonderfully made fan Cinematography but you only thought to TROLL and make a silly comment trying to correct me. I'm pretty sure you know what i meant if not let me correct it.

Escape from City 17 is the best piece of cinematography that i have seen all summer.

anyway after looking up the definition i was right anyway!!


NukaCola2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Just to let you all know Fallout Nuka Break episode two starts on the 29th on youtube. I am excited to watch the web series.

I really like what the Wayside guys do. Fallout nuka Break was funny as hell. And Tybee Diskin is a knock out.

Fanfilms are created with so much more heart.

Here's the pilot, for all who haven't seen it:

N3FAR1052614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Most of the time yes. I like the Resident Evil films but the CGI ones that Capcom make are better because it follows the games rather than trying to re-invent them. I really hope Hollywood doesn't screw up Uncharted.

Naklsonofnakkl2610d ago

If that was the case, they wouldn't be making an Uncharted movie to begin with, the game itself is pretty close to a movie, making a movie on top of a movie-like-game is just like enjoying sliding down a slide, but instead of doing it yourself, you just watch someone do it.

N3FAR1052610d ago

Movie studios always believe they can make a good movie out of games but they never capture the excitement that the games have. Tomb Raider for example had some great games but the movies were a bit of a letdown. I hope Hollywood do the game justice, I just fear that they won't. One of the disadvantages of the movie's is that they try to cram a 12hr+ game into 90mins worth of film.

Dfooster2614d ago

good article but they failed to mention the best one out there and that is the half life escape from city 17 movie. especially part 2.

what those guys did is amazing. check it out on youtube.

Sugreev20012614d ago

Of course,the best VG movies are fan films.A Hollywood studio releases a film for commercial success,a Fan film is released to please the fan of the subject itself.

SpinalRemains1382609d ago

Movies aren't made for the purpose of remaining true to the story or character. Their sole purpose is to rake in as much dough as possible. If that nmeans changing the story or the character, then so be it. We all hate it, but money does maketh the world go round.

kcuthbertson2609d ago

Idk, I kind of agree with you, but on the other hand I don't.

Look at some films like Lord of the Rings...It really depends how interested the director is of that subject. If we could maybe get a movie made from a game because a director loved the game, it could be a whole different ball game.