PS3 2.00 Firmware Update Causing System Issues?

PlayStation 3 owners will tell you that you don't really have a choice when it comes to firmware updates for the system -- users are prompted to update as soon as the system is switched on. Because of this, by now, all PS3 owners should have downloaded and installed the version 2.00 firmware update. New news of system issues stemming from this update may have users cursing the forced firmware.

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Fighter4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

That new information board has frozen my PS3 at least 3 times so far. Maybe they should update to 2.01 with DIVX support.

EDIT: My PS3 is a 60GB version (the best SKU) and it was made in March.

riqued4930d ago

I had no problem with my 60Gb, I just disabled the information board for being so slow.

That thing is useless now, they should fix it and add a real RSS reader.

Violater4930d ago

Look at all the names of the guys that approved this story.
No that anything is wrong with the story but it just shows how desperate they are scrambling to find bad news.

SaturnTo4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Since the update my PS3 has frozen 3 times each when I was coming out of playing video files, prior to this update it was rock solid. I keep the info bar active as I don't notice hat much slow down. However the PS2 upscaling has been affected, I have to turn smoothing off now because with it on the picture looks like crap (Just like it did with the original firmware), and with Upscale set to full I no longer have the small vertical black bars on the left and right side of my LCD HDTV for my PS 2 games. The firmware update appears to have removed the empty space left by developers that normally would have been off the screen on old CRT TV's but up until firmware 2.0 I was stuck with seeing them. I'm happy they are gone but why does the image look like it is no longer being upscaled as well as before? Why is Smoothing causing all the Jaggies to re-appear? If the problem persists I am sure it will be addressed.

Ju4930d ago

That's strange. While I noticed the slight different scaling (its not always "no-bars", I have one which has a bar on the left), I though the AA in the scaler has improved. Same with DVD playback, or it was just a better movie. At least the was my impression. But these things are hard to quantify, but rather subjective impressions. I haven't had a lock, yet. Seems the info bar times out after a while, though. I see that delay, but I accounted that to some request some service (the info bar ?) makes at log in.

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SeanScythe4930d ago

I turned that waste of space off, I get all the info I need from websites.

ravinash4930d ago

The thing never tells you much anyway.

Kleptic4929d ago has the potential to be cool, like "KZ2 public beta now on ps store" or something...if it would show out of control awesome news out of no where, before websites like would be great...but so far its no even close to that...its just commercials for the PS3 "buy ratchet and clank really shows off the system"...pfft...

and it did noticebly slow down my xmb...only when coming out of a game...the icons load up, but the xmb is stuck for about 10 seconds while that thing downloads the ticker information...or w/e it does...not active anymore...everything runs fine...

only other issue I have had was a brief freak out when I put the CoD 4 disc in the other night...the blue light came on, meaning is disc is loaded...but no disc in the game area...and it wouldn't eject...I reset the PS3, and everything was fine luckily...and come to think of it that may have happened once or twice before...

I too have a 60gig model that I purchased in March...not sure when it was built, but I vaguely remember hearing that pretty much inventory after February was the 2nd generation of 60gig SKUs, with some slightly revisions compared to launch models...but it seems people that bought their's in the same time frame are having the most issues...oh well...this happened before...they will release some stability 2.01 patch soon...thats what those .01 updates always involve...

Evil0Angel4930d ago

the system slow.especially whn you start it but if u leave it for 5 min everything is fine again

sonarus4930d ago

i leave it on but i agree it is pretty useless. it however dosent affect my ps3performance in anyway no disk errors no xmb operation. only prob is media sharing and i've had that since media sharing started and decided i really didnt care enough to do suthin about it. i have early 60gb model bought in january