So, Where the Hell Is Metal Gear: Rising?

At the 2009 E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, Konami revealed that it was developing a different spin on the Metal Gear universe. The game was Metal Gear: Rising.

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zeal0us2613d ago

Maybe it will be at TGS....hopefully

dark-hollow2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

It is interesting to play MGS from raiden prospective, the MGS 4 "frustrated ninja" raiden.

I hope after that they release other spin-offs along with the metal gear solid snake titles.
Like playing with big boss and his story in WWII.

ChipChipperson2613d ago

Do you mean The Boss and her Cobra Unit, because Big Boss participated in the Korean War and so forth not WWII.

dark-hollow2613d ago

Oh yeah I got that mixed up!

ATi_Elite2613d ago

Exactly what i've been saying!!!

we went from Rising screen shots to Fox Engine talk to Rising M.I.A. and on Milk Cartons.

Only thing i can think of is that the Japanese Earthquake,Tsunami,Meltdown stopped production which is understandable!

majiebeast2613d ago

Maybe the rumour of Kamiya taking over as director is true just found it incredibly odd why you would skip shows like E3 and gamescom.

godsinhisheaven2613d ago

Exactly ! Where is Rising !?

Godmars2902613d ago

He's a cyber ninja - he's right behind you!

Tainted Gene2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Don't be stupid thats impo...

* sound of katana being sheathed and footsteps walking silently away *

Godmars2902612d ago

Yeah, then that wasn't him then.

There is no "sound" when you become aware of a true ninja, only oblivion.

Tainted Gene2612d ago

true, but the tiny servos in the ankles make exactly .0002 decibels of noise. /s

ChipChipperson2613d ago

I hope they come out with news soon. I just hope Kojima doesn't try and advance the story of Solid Snake any further though. I think it ended perfectly with MGS4 and tied everything together. To further Snake's story would mean making an already great, yet complex story more convoluted than it already is. If he wants to make a 6th installment though that's perfectly fine with me. If he chooses to stop making MGS then...oh well. It was truly a great series to growing up. Like a lot of other fans I would love to see ZOE3 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.