Video Game Movies Are NOT Doomed

Kotaku: It’s difficult to argue for the future of video game movies. Most of them have been mediocre at very best; utterly terrible at worst. It’s certainly not a common view to hold that Hollywood will someday bring forth a piece of cinema worthy of the video game industry.

But I’m optimistic.

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WhiteLightning2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

They kind of are in my eyes


Hollywood use a script that's been submitted by a young screenwritter who is an avid gamer and they get a young avid gamer director. The reason why most video games suck in my opinion is because some of the directors just don't try and are not in touch with games today BUT in a few years if a young screenwritter/director pitches in for a video game film then it could turn out differently.

The main problem is they always steer away from the source material thinking it will make the film better, but this has been done over and over and over again, it's pretty much clear that staying away from the source material just dosen't work. I think gamers would rather sit though a film where, even though they know what to expect and what's going to happen, that they will at least enjoy the film rather then them sitting through a crappy video game film where for some it ruins the franchise for them.

Other problems are...well look at the picture of Chirs and Claire for example they raise two points, the first problem is casting, Chris Redfield being played by Wentworth Miller........REALLY, come on and the second problem is that in the film these iconic respected characters who have survived a ton of shit in the RE games get the crap kicked out of them and rely on Alice for help....come on it's Chris and Claire Redfield were talking about, they don't need to rely on another person to get them out of trouble.

I just feel writters and directors don't respect the games enough when doing a video game franchise. They can talk about it in interviews which give us some hope but usualy the film ends up being crap and we come to the conclusion that the director/writter was full of BS. Will Neil Burger managed to do a good Uncharted film...who knows, he has said he's played the games but David O Russel said that and looked what happened........even Paul W.S Anderson said he played the games when it's clear he hasn't or not enough, the guy thinks RE5 is the best for gods sake.

Tanir2636d ago

one tiny prob with videogames and movies, normally the script, scenery, and imagery would be far to much for the movies budget.

i mean imagine something like god of war made as a movie, making all the monsters, fight scenes, crazy enviorments etc.

movies trying to translate those into a real life film have a hard time with all of that.

while the resident evil movies arent the best movies, they stay semi true to the series in a respect, with alot of references and even filling in the blank for some of the games (like showing when nemesis killed all of the stars members)

it depends really, and well there is not even that many videogame movies anyway so we will see i guess

WhiteLightning2636d ago

I don't think the RE stays true to anything....Paul just throws things in there willy nilly to, as he says, "do justice to the fans"...when he dosen't since he's full of crap. Like the Executioner for example from was just put in Afterlife with no explanation to why it was there.

If it was true they would of set the first one in an mansion and had Chris, Jill, Barry etc as characters. The mansion was a good idea aswell since your basicaly shooting it in a mansion not in multiple locations.

Tanir2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

agreed, he did just toss things in, but you can sorta link them together. some wierd things like giving nemisis an origin and love interest was odd, but least it wad there.

then they did have oroborus, they didn't explain why the zombies were even infected with it, and they had no idea that is was even oroborus.

after life and the next movie seem to take place before re:5

but if jill meets chris it makes even less sense.

other videogame movies just plain out fail, but i dunno lol, we will see.....wasn't there a hitman movie staring jason statham? was it any good? NOT the first hitman movie lol, i know there is another one....ok i think there is one lol

Pozzle2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

@WhiteLightning: I definitely agree there. I can't help but think Paul Anderson ONLY saw the RE5 trailers, but never actually played or researched the game...or even bothered to look it up on wikipedia.

The scene where Wesker meets Chris and Claire proves it. There were a lot of RE5 quotes in that scene, but they made no sense in the context of the movies. For example, Wesker says "Chris and Claire really are becoming quite an inconvenience to me".
Now when he said that to Chris in the game, it made sense because Chris has been following him for ten years. But in the movie it made no sense because they had never met before! Chris was a prison guard and Claire was a truck driver. They had no idea who Wesker was, so how the hell are they becoming an inconvenience to him?! They only just walked into the frigging room! Grr!

Just throwing in random game references with no context isn't staying true to the series. It just makes Paul Anderson look like an idiot, and confuses the hell out of the audience (both those who have AND haven't played the games).

It doesn't help that every classic RE character was turned into a wimpering idiot in the movies in order to make Alice look badass. Way to spit on the fans by taking Chris and Wesker's epic battle at the end of RE5 and turning it into a battle between Wesker and Alice, while Chris stayed trapped in a frigging tube. What the hell, Anderson?! >_>

It's especially weird because Paul Anderson was behind the Mortal Kombat movie...and that WAS a good movie that stayed true to the games. How the hell did he get it so wrong with RE then? >_>


Tanir2636d ago


what you say is true iiiiif you stay in context to the movies, but if you played code veronica you know chris and claire met wesker. and that afterlife happens afterwards.

claire isn't a truck driver in the movie, she was last driving the truck filled with people to save them, shes not a driver lol.

and chris being a prison guard, that was whatever lmao, you know how many odd jobs they get (leon as a baby sitter for example)

again yes he just threw things in, but if you use the game as refeence it almost makes 20% more sense than if you ignore the game connections lol

Pozzle2636d ago

@Tanir: But that's the point...the games and movies have nothing to do with each other. So we can't use the game plots to make sense of the movies. And we shouldn't have to, tbh. The movies should make sense as standalone titles, so that even non-RE fans can understand what the hell is going on.

Afterlife isn't set after Code Veronica because Code Veronica never happened in the movies. Chris and Claire knew nothing about Umbrella, Wesker or the zombies. Alice had to explain it all to them (because god forbid a character who ISN'T Alice actually knows what's going on *rolls eyes at Paul Anderson*). Nothing in the movies suggests that Claire and Chris have ever met Wesker before, except for that one throwaway line that Paul Anderson added because he saw it in a RE5 trailer and thought it sounded cool.

And I'll be willing to bet we'll learn nothing new about Chris and Claire (or their possible link to Wesker/Umbrella) in the next movie either.
Apparently Leon and Ada will be in the next one...I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that it will revolve around Leon being sent on a mission to rescue the president's daughter...he'll end up getting his ass kicked by something weak like a Ganado and will need to be rescued by Alice. Ada Wong will then enter the movie all badass with her guns blazing to take down the Ganados...only to end up being overpowered and cowering in the corner like a weak muppet where Alice saves her too. >_>

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Quagmire2635d ago

I personally found Prince of Persia to be the best video-game adaptation. Compared to films, sure it wasnt amazing, but it was a decent watch, and its certainly not as bad as the many abominations which have been made previously save for Mortal Kombat.

CrimsonEngage2635d ago

They are only doomed if Hollywood keeps letting tard directors like Uwe Boll direct them. How about you get people who... i don't know, actually have PLAYED THE GAME THEY ARE DIRECTING A MOVIE OF?

zerocrossing2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Umm, yes they are.

Directors have proven countless times they are only interested in taking a popular franchise, ignoring the source material and changing everything to suit their own messed up vision of whatever they managed to get their claws into, ultimately spitting square in the face of all the fans of the respected franchise (Im looking at you Paul Anderson ¬_¬)

Whitefox7892635d ago

I cringe at the thought of Paul Anderson doing a live action Devil May Cry movie. Do these guys just have money to burn or something for a movie that is destined to failed with its core target audience?

zerocrossing2635d ago

Same here. A Devil May Cry movie now would be even worse, they would no doubt use the god awful new Dante design and have the whole thing turn into some Twilight clone.

Whitefox7892635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Dude I'm not even joking the same studio that made the RE Movies IS doing a Devil May Cry movie!!!

*Insert Rage Here*

Right now its penned to be released in 2013 (if the world hasn't ended by then).

zerocrossing2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Un freaking believable!!! So it's actually happening? great, you know what makes this even worse is just how awesome this movie could potentially be if done right.

2013 Well if there wasn't a reason to hope for the apocalypse, there is now.

Magnus2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Videogames movies are up in the air. Depending on the franchise being made into the movie, the studio doing the movie. How close they keep the movie to the original story of the game And who the actors are portraying the characters from the game. If there was a Gears of War movie i don't want to see it as a live action movie. I want to see it as a CG based movie using the voice talents from the game to voice the on screen characters.

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