Blu-ray reacts angrily to HD DVD attach rate claims

The HD DVD Promotion Group is guilty of manipulating independent research data in order to mislead the HD-buying public. That's according to the chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association who put in a call to this afternoon

The HD DVD Promotion Group said that the attach rate for HD movies on the HD DVD format was far greater than on Blu-ray. The claim was that HD DVD owners buy, on average, 3.8 HD movies each, compared to just 0.6 movies sold per Blu ray player.

Blu-ray rejects HD DVD claims, But Frank Simonis responded by saying this is a "gross misrepresentation of data" and that the GfK research has been manipulated by the HD DVD camp in order to appear more in favour of the HD DVD format.

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Naruto4931d ago

Simonis said that the HD DVD Promotion Group's decision to include the PlayStation 3 in its figures had raised a few eyebrows in the Blu-ray camp.

"Until now, they have refused to accept that the PS3 is a Blu-ray player because it made their numbers look better.

PimpHandHappy4931d ago

im convinced Bloodmask is a Tosiba employee

what is this bloodmask? 20 HD-DVD vs BR posts in a week


ruibing4931d ago

Next week, we will see HD-DVD group announcing double the sales of standalone players over Blu Ray, but obviously PS3s are not included because PS3 owners don't watch Blu Ray movies (since we have Divx/Xvid now). And then the week after, it will flip back again to include PS3s in attach rate.

If there's any professional journalist or analysts who do not pick up on this duplicity, I do not see any reason why anyone in the mass media should ever respect their intelligence or opinion ever again.

Monchichi0254931d ago

Are you serious, Blue Ray says they would never do something like this?? LMAO This coming from the company that had put out press releases claiming victory already. Nevermind the pathetic PR job they have done with the PS3.

Now they are running scared as HD-DVD is picking up HUGE momentum left to right. Even the CEO of Sony is questioning if they are gonna win.

ruibing4930d ago

Well, I've yet to heard the Blu Ray group claim the highest number of Blu Ray players sold by including PS3 in them or announce ultra high attach rates by only counting standalone players. This is what the HD-DVD group is the kind of thing the HD-DVD group is doing.

And speaking of panicking, do you really think the $200 player is being sold at that price because of improvements in manufacturing when it was being sold for $500 not so long ago?

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DaEnforcer4931d ago

HD DVD Promotion Group is simply ridiculous.

unlimited4931d ago

i think everyone knows that all the postive news about hddvd was so inaccurate and false..only hddvd fanboys chooose to believe it

WAR_MACHINE774931d ago

well of course they want to include the PS3 now. If they didn't they would look foolish since they said PS3 owners don't watch movies, and the bluray attach rate would be 2-3x the HDDVD on just stand alone players.

sonarus4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

if you have an hdtv and a ps3 you prob buy blu ray. I don't know about the rest of you but blu ray was a pretty significant selling point for me. I like new technology and i like games so when i heard blu ray was in ps3 i decided to get it. Also the fact that a lot of my ps2 games would end up on there which would have made me buy it eventually anyway. Blu ray is the way to go i was enjoying all the movies frm all the studios till paramount decided to do a hippity hop. Hopefully universal stops being exclusive and i can enjoy ALL the movies i want in hi def

crank4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

HD DVD is ridiculous

What a crap format.

Time for the apocalypse.

In one year from now, mark my words, HD (hold) DVD

will be dead in water full of vicious bloodthirsty sharks that hate to love the color red.

Blue sharks.

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