Far Cry 3 is 15-20 hours long if you stick to the story

Far Cry 3 will take 15-20 hours to play through to completion if you stick to the story, but longer if you explore, reveals lead designer Jamie Keen.

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Wizziokid2638d ago

great to hear, I'm sick of having short singleplayer experiences these days

T-K47x2638d ago

Agreed I've pretty much stopped buying games that are singleplayer only less than 10 hours long. I really hope the AI is up to scratch and that it is actually possible to create stealth options.

ATi_Elite2638d ago

As long as it's epic like Half Life and not a bunch of gopher missions like FarCry 2 then it should be really good.

More Devs need to make longer and better SP games........i don't always wanna play Online!!!

egidem2638d ago

It's becoming the norm these days. A new shooter comes out and you beat it in less than 6 hours...then you wonder where all the $60 you spent on it just went.

Quagmire2638d ago

As long as it has that crazy guy from the E3 demo for most of it, im in!

FunkMcnasty2638d ago

I cant wait for this game! Farcry 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, despite the dodgy and overly aggressive AI. I still play that game all the time to this day.. it's one of my old reliables that I always turn to when I want to play something with a real lone wolf tactical feel. I love how non-linear the world and missions are. I wish they would make more FPS games with that comlpetely open-ended structure. And at the time it came out, I think Farcry 2 was possibly the best looking game on console for at least a year or so, thanks to the Dunia engine, which I hear Farcry 3 is running on an updated version of.

It even says right on the back of the box "play it your way." So true.

Sizzon2638d ago

sweet, just picked up far cry 2 and it's amazing, so far cry 3 will be a definite buy for me.

kingdavid2638d ago

Its amazing to begin with but once you get about 5-10 hours in, you realise how derivative the gameplay is. Then it starts feeling like a chore driving everywhere and you realise how bad the shooting mechanics are.

Sizzon2638d ago

yeah I heard the bad part was that after 10 hours or so you really do drive miles just to get to a mission :p but I like the graphics and gameplay.

nepdyse2638d ago

Yes the shooting mechanics are a bit of a pain, and the AI, death animations could be better. But not once was I bored of the gameplay in fact, according to the in-game journal i have invested 37 hours worth of playtime into the game. I loved the driving part of the game, but the guradposts spwan could definitely use some twitching in the next game.

belal2638d ago

this is a 2012 title right?

belal2638d ago

good, because i just barely got enough for bf3,resistance 3, mw3,uncharted 3 explorer edition and mgs collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.