Aliens: Colonial Marines Q&A – Not Bad For a Human

James Gallagher of the PlayStation Blog writes: I checked out Aliens: Colonial Marines when I popped over to the SEGA gamescom booth to say hi to a friend and, within minutes, it became one my highlights of the show. I’m not as familiar with the Aliens films as many – I remember seeing one of them on TV as a child and not sleeping well for a few days – but judging it purely as a shooter, it is looking very impressive.

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Wizziokid2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

they should add an multiplayer survival mode, that would be fun as hell!

anyway hurry up and get this out, my PS3 is waiting like an alien waiting to erupt out of the body!

Bolts2636d ago

We're in the pipe. Five by five.

NiteX2636d ago

Woot I love Aliens! This game should make up for the horrible console port that was called AvP. Not to be confused with the amazing PC exclusives AvP1&2.

IcarusOne2636d ago

Wait - 11 months after the events of Aliens? Either this guy is misinformed or Gearbox is taking some huge liberties with the cannon. The atmospheric processor went nuclear at the end of the movie. Hadley's Hope was swallowed up by a mushroom cloud. So how can a rescue mission go back to the same place?

Morbius4202635d ago

Apparently the blast didn't destroy the entire instalation...there will be new areas to explore as well as some familiar locations.

Quagmire2635d ago

Nuke the place again, only way to be sure

IcarusOne2635d ago

Lol quag. But there's a substantial dollar value! This is an emotional moment for everybody. But this is clearly, clearly an important species we're dealing with here, and I don't think that you or I or anybody has the right to arbitrarily exterminate them.

Still. Bishop himself said the blast would be equivalent to 40 kilotons. Nothing would survive that. And 11 months later, if there were structures still intact, the marines would need super antiradiation suits. Just nitpicking. Don't let this disguise the fact that I'm very very stoked for this game.

Quagmire2635d ago

Yea, I'm a little confused as to the canon/continuity of the game story in conjunction to the films.

They nuke the place, yet its still there. Maybe....there was a giant energy sheild used as a backup against the nuke surrounding the place? Thats what I wouldve gone with, but who knows.

Still stoked for the game also, everything shown so far has been promising. I really liked AvP 2010 also, despite many not, so my expectations can only go higher from there.