WoW on console not off the cards, says game director

Blizzard would consider bring its MMO behemoth World of Warcraft to console 'if it made sense', according to the title's game designer Tom Chilton.

In response to whether reaching out to other markets would require bringing World of Warcraft to a new platform, Chilton told it would be something the team would consider if it made sense for the game: "I mean, if it made sense to do that then we would definitely consider it. We have in the past looked into 'well, what would it be like if we tried to put WoW on a console?'"

However, the game isn't ideal without a keyboard, he explained.

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Wizziokid2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

maybe ps3? not trying to start anything but it seems from past experiences MMO's wont go on 360 until MS free up the restrictions which I'm guessing wont happen this gen, maybe next.

anyway I played it a few years back and it wasn't for me, rather have Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: TOR personally. for people who like WoW though, hope it happens for ya

gamingdroid2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Money speaks the loudest, so I'm sure MS wouldn't mind having it on their platform with the right arrangement.

Besides more people have headsets on the Xbox 360, so it essentially eliminates the chat over keyboard issue. Maybe Blizzard can do something with Kinect too with the keyboard issue.

AntoineDcoolette2613d ago

Vanilla WoW > current over saturated, homogenized, and noob friend-ly-ized WoW that has no world PvP

NuclearDuke2613d ago

Let me rephrase that title for ya!

*Dumped down WoW on console not off the cards, says game director*

I have a hard time imagining how a console controller would handle the 50 or more different keybindings you have as a WoW player. Although, keyboards coming to consoles soonish? Like, as a serious alternative to controllers.

zero_cool2613d ago

Blizzard has no excuse why they can't join the console market because consoles meets hardware requirements for their games,the consoles have headsets for voice chat,the consoles support keypads for controllers for text chat,consoles have keyboard & mouse support as well & motion controls,online ect...!


Consoles cant support servers that hold thousands though