Sonic CD - Announcement Trailer

Gamertag Radio writes: "Here's the debut trailer for the upcoming Sonic CD title coming soon to consoles, mobiles, & PC."

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darthv722614d ago

i was actually playing my sega cdx the other day and played this (along with batman returns). Memories.

punisher992614d ago

So is this a port of the original Sonic CD game or a whole new game?

darthv722614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

This is one of THE best sonic games next to the first 2. The music really set the mood. I hope they keep the animated cartoon intro.

If Sega is into the retro remake about thunderblade and/or galaxy force. Outrun and Afterburner got new games. I'd like to see more of their arcade offerings remade.

AntoineDcoolette2614d ago

I cant believe Sega is actually bring this to PSN/XBLA. I'll surely buy it!

SuperStrokey11232614d ago

DAY 1 Buy, not two ways about it. One of, if not the, best sonic games.

trenso12614d ago

Ahh the memories of sonic deffinetly getting this again for the ps3. And i hope they bring sonic adventure 2 to the psn and xbl

xtheownerzx2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

This reminds me of when my brother and I used to play this together. Thanks for the memories Sega consider this bought!

St02614d ago

Awesome, about time!. Defo day 1 buy for me if they keep the same European soundtrack and not use the USA soundtrack for all regions like they did with the Sonic Gens collection on the PS2 & GC

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The story is too old to be commented.