Call Of Duty Orientation Evaluation Teaser

The Call of Duty Youtube channel has uploaded a new teaser entitled Orientation Evaluation.

The teaser is short and contains no description or game-play.

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godfree2612d ago

That logo looks very familiar....... Activision sent me this package a few days ago.

topekomsi2612d ago

Interesting, thanks for the additional info.

Beastradamus2612d ago

That was somewhat disturbing.....I'm not buying the new zombies. No way in hell.

Kee2612d ago

Possibly a zombies-only game? Been waiting on this forever, if it is...

KingDustero2612d ago

Notice how the game already has a rating. It has to be already out then. I doubt Zombies will be in MW3, (doubt it is rated yet either) so this has to be for Black Ops.

FAGOL2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

If they make a proper zombie game I wont have to buy their Treyarch multiplayer games lol

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