Square Enix apologizes to Gamestop... wait, what?

DSOGaming writes: "So we'd expect Square Enix to punish GameStop for their actions. Instead, the company decided to... apologize to them for this issue as the store wasn't aware of the inclusion of a third-party coupon. Say what?"

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TheDareDevil2663d ago

Every one who buys a copy of the game is entitled to receive the OnLive coupon. Who gave Gamestop the rights to break the sealing, remove a coupon that's rightly yours and sell them as brand new 'untampered' copies?

john22663d ago

Exactly that. Moreoever, since they opened them they should re-sell them as used copies (meaning the price should be lower) and not as brand new ones!

YourFlyness2663d ago

Hopefully this will put an end to Gamestop allowing the Employees to "test" new games for a week, then bring them back to the store and still sell them as new

xf2663d ago

Square Enix should apologize for the last decade.

Jack_DangerousIy2663d ago

"Square Enix apologizes to Gamestop... wait, what?"

I don't see what the big deal is. Just seems that instead of trying to make a bad situation worse, they seem to be taking the high road. I very well could be wrong.

john22663d ago

On one hand, they want to have Gamestop on their side in order to sell more units (and we know that gaming is business these days).

On the other hand though, its inexcusable (from the customers' perspective)