Dear Capcom: The Resident Evil Franchise Died Six Years Ago

The resident evil franchise was the ultimate benchmark for survival/horror games, it effectively implemented every gaming element that provided that feel of horror and scare but six years ago, the dynamics of this game changed and it changed forever how we conceptualize the survivor/horror genre.

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WhiteLightning2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I wonder what Platinum games could do with a Resident Evil game. To a lot of people they seem like they could be the new Capcom.

fluffydelusions2664d ago

I've only played 1-3 and 5. 1-3 were just awesome, 5 I hated.

Anon19742664d ago

Buddy, you missed out. RE4 was one of the series best, if not the best entry.

I have mixed feelings about RE5. Great game, not a great Resident Evil game. As far as action/co-op games, RE5 was fantastic. I had an absolute blast playing through this game with friends and family - but it was an action game, not a survival horror game. There was zero tension in this game, and what's a horror game without tension?

I'm completely of two minds about this. As much as I crave a new, single player Resident Evil experience, I've gotta say...I wouldn't mind another Resident Evil co-op action game either.

proudly_X2664d ago

resident evil 3 remake would be epic

vglulz2664d ago

Stupid title. The franchise didn't die six years ago, it evolved into something you don't particularly like. Resident Evil 4 was an absolute masterpiece, and it's a real shame they didn't maintain that momentum with Resident Evil 5.

I hope Resident Evil 6 is something like RE: Revelations, because that looks to be mixing the old and new play styles almost perfectly.

WhiteLightning2664d ago

"I hope Resident Evil 6 is something like RE: Revelations"

Well hopefull they won't add unneccesary characters like Revealtions has. I don't see why for once they can't make a game just with Chris and Jill, or add old characters if they want to add more.

vglulz2664d ago

Adding new characters to a franchise is now deemed unnecessary?

Right, well good luck with that.

MrSpace2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Of course it's unnecessary when they have planety of old characters they havent used for ages, the guy has a point. Barry, Rebbeca, Carlos, Billy etc. Adding Sheva in RE5 was pointless when they were going to have Barry or Jill as Chris partner and even in revealtions by adding Jessica and Parker.

If you think it's right for a game to add new characters when theres old fan favorites to be used then.....well good luck with that.

tiffac0082664d ago

The problem with 5 is you can farm for money just keep reloading the previous level you did, using a more powerful weapon and you can go through that level like it was nothing.

At least with 4 you have to move forward and you cannot go back and farm because there is no level and you have look for the merchant before you can buy stuff not buy stuff off after every level like with 5.

You can feel a little bit of anxiety with 4 ala 3 but with 5 you throw even that away.

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