WRC 2 - New Gameplay Video

Black Bean Games and developer Milestone release in-game footage with the new WRC 2 trailer.

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IaussieGamer2613d ago

Game looks crap. I wish Codemasters would get the WRC Licence to give it some justice.

t0mmyb0y2613d ago

It's not just about the graphics. Do you know how hard it is to find a solid rally game? I miss the days of Richard Burns Rally. Xpand rally had me hooked as well.

IaussieGamer2613d ago

No its not just about the graphics but at the same time it is and the graphics look dated already as was their first one. I double the physics will be any better than the first one either. I stand by my commend The Dirt series shows if they had a WRC licence we would be in for a brilliant rally game all round Graphics and Physics wise.

Knushwood Butt2612d ago

Codemasters don't want the licence: they are more interested in Gymkhana and Swamp Racing.

IaussieGamer2610d ago

They should because Gymkhana and Swamp racing sucks.

moneygun22613d ago

Does anyone really find the need to pick this up after Codemasters, (no pun intended) mastery of the genre and sport with the DIRT franchise. Im not denying that the game might be good but justifiably worth 60? Not with what the close of 2011 has on tap in my opinion.

Yi-Long2613d ago

... but to say Codemasters has 'mastered' the genre and sport with their DIRT-frachise, is a bit OTT, considering how short the tracks are and how little the focus is on rally-racing and more on 'extreme' stuff...

Don't get me wrong, I like DIRT, and it LOOKS amazing and plays great, but it certainly would be a whole lot better (for me) if it had focussed more on LONG rally-tracks in a WIDE VARIETY of different settings.

Personally, I'd still rate Rallisport Challenge 2 as the best rally game of all time. It had everything: good long tracks, great visuals at the time, and brilliant gameplay. It wasn't perfect ofcourse, but it has come closest.

t0mmyb0y2613d ago

Haah I remember playing Rallisport Challenge 2 with buddies. While it was tons of fun, have you tried the titles I mentioned above? You might like those but they are PC only. RBR takes a LOT of practice to get good at.

Yi-Long2613d ago

... cause I'm not much of a PC-gamer....

But Richard Burns rally is also not really appealing to me. I want to race and set time-trial records and thus just focus on doing that, but RBR was supposedly a bit TOO 'hardcore' which meant often it would result in not finishing a race because of the slightest mistake.

While that might be 'realistic', that isn't much fun ina videogame, plus in real life I'd figure you'd be more able to race the way you want and 'feel' it, so it comes natural, and in videogames that means it shouldn't be a stuggle just to keep your car on the road, cause in real life that's also not the case.

For me, Rallisport Challenge 2 had hit that combination just right, with the actual sensation of speed and excitement and feeling like you really are in control of your car, while also not being 'too' forgiving or 'arcade'. :)

Also, the level-design in Rallisport Challenge was just out of this world.

earbus2613d ago

If black bean had a big buget they could do alot better SBK series has been smashing moto gp since capcom took over from THQ , i even enjoyed the v8 superstars games even though it is the same SBK engine even tracks, im glad they are still getting games out there and think they should grow over the next few years.

N3FAR1052613d ago

Well, I hope the game mechanics are better than the graphics. The 1st WRC game didn't get my money so this would have to be a big improvement. I miss the old WRC games of the PS2...