Capcom Reveals Massive Changes Coming To SSFIV: AE

TheSixthAxis: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition has had quite a bit of controversy surrounding it. Some characters were nerfed for no good reason while others are clearly at an upper echelon compared to the rest. Capcom has heard the cries of the community and announced last month that a balance patch was on the way. Now we actually have a tentative changelist for each character.

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jozzah2616d ago

Capcom: So SSF4AE will be the last version.

* one day later *

Capcom: WELL it seems we need to change everything.

LightofDarkness2616d ago

It continues...

*3 months later *

Gamers: Where's the patch?
Capcom: We are working on it, plus it will have some surprises!

*1 month later *

Capcom: Our huge megaton earth shattering surprise is.... Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition EXTREME!!! Now with extra costumes, the promised gameplay tweaks, and a new character: EVIL DAN!! Pre-order now and get 3 exclusive costumes! No need to own an original copy, jsut buy it standalone for ONLY 29.99! Hooray for Capcom!

Gamers: *stunned silence, followed by mass face-palms and head-shaking*

Delriach2616d ago

and then everyone buys it :P

Errod882616d ago

lol that made me laugh :D

Delriach2616d ago

Well this is a free update to AE so that quote would technically still be true..

Baka-akaB2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

the "hate parade" is getting ridiculous there and with a mouth so dry , it will feast upon every little nuggets available . it's a patch , so so far hardly a breach of their previous statement :p .

Venox20082616d ago

*waiting for: Ultimate Street fighter IV AE : turbo extreme :D :D :D

Myst2616d ago

Gotta tweak my Juri play again :/

contra1572616d ago

A great change for this game would be to get it off the market. And bring back what capcom is known for and get rid of this garbage

MilkMan2616d ago

Fuck Capcom and their 2 titles.

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