Less is More? 5 Reasons 360 Exclusives Sell More Than Ps3 Exclusives

Gaming Irresponsibly's F.P. takes a lighthearted look at why it seems that the few Xbox exclusives sell better than Ps3's library.

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Prcko2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I still don't understand why ps3 peps doens't buy ps3 exclusives like xbox guys do!
I mean we have a lot of exclusives,but how can't we have one exclusive game with 10+ million sales????

iamnsuperman2705d ago

Its all about number 1. We have more exclusives out in the same amount of time. People just can't afford it.

It would be intereting for someone to do a demographic difference between 360 owners and PS3 owners

agentxk2705d ago

Awhile back we pulled the Google data on people that search for each system. The results were pretty funny.

Persistantthug2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Halo series sell more......nothing else.

In fact, excluding HALO(s), you will find the PS3 actually sells slightly better.

In sales order:

1. PS3 Gran Turismo 5 (6.4m) > Gears Of War 2 (6.1m)

2. 360 Gears Of War 1 (5.9m)> Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (5.3m)

3. PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 (5.2m) > Forza 3 (4.9m)
4. PS3 Uncharted 2 (4.7m) > Forza 2 (4.1m)
5. PS3 Little Big P (4.4) > Fable 3 (3.9m)

HALO(s) outsell everything else (exclusive) on both systems....nothing else.

That's what the title should have said.....if this wasn't a desperate blog site, that is

Lekumkee2705d ago

Why is it when an Xbot talks about sales they always leave out the Wii? If sales mean a better game then Wii sports is the best game this gen.

KentBlake2705d ago

That's exactly why. There are so many options, it's impossible for any game to be sold to everyone. Everybody can pick their favorites and buy them, and in the end the sales get distributed among all the available exclusives.

Xbox has less of them, so everyone buys the same games (I'm not bashing, as I have both systems, but it's a simple question of math).

xPhearR3dx2705d ago

Doesn't matter if there is less, people are not going to buy a game the have no interest in. Kinect games count as exclusives too, you don't see those games selling 5-10 million do you? Nope, because not that many people are interested in it.

Also, the author needs to a do a little research. Gears of War did not start on the original Xbox.

SixShotCop2705d ago

This whole having less exclusives excuse is hilarious yet annoying. If the game is popular and has a following it will sell good numbers no matter what else is releasing in it's window.

Sony has tons of exclusives which is great and all but how many of those games would you actually buy over the multiplatform offerings? Besides the people with nothing to do but game, 2-3 maybe? This is what MS understands. There is no point having twenty first party studios with the amount of multiplatform games on the market. It cost too much.

@ XPhearR3dx

"Kinect games count as exclusives too, you don't see those games selling 5-10 million do you?"

Well considering the install base for Kinect should be somewhere in the range of 15 million, it would be kind of hard to sell it's games to 2/3rds of the user base wouldn't you think?

The most popular games nowadays sell to around 1/10th of the user base. Halo, COD & GT are exceptions at 1/5th.

agentxk2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

We have more choices with PS3, spending get's watered down. Uncharted 3 has the potential to break the norm though.

Edit: Superman, I can hope, right? lol. My most anticipated exclusive comes out in a few weeks!

iamnsuperman2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I would disagree. The problem with Uncharted is no matter how good it is (and I loved it), to the average public it still looks like an Indian Jones rip off. To the average consumer is that more exciting than a space marine with guns. Its al about advertising and Sony really need to push the boat out with the box art. They need to modern FPS it up

dark-hollow2705d ago

This myth NEEDS to die!!!

What xbox exclusive sells more besides gears and halo???
Yea??? None.

coolbeans2705d ago

Fable and Forza to answer your question. Forza 3 is nearing 5 million sales.

coolbeans2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

It's all about marketing when it comes to reaching those kinds of sales on an exclusive platform. Besides, GT5 is hovering in the mid 6 million, with 10 million still a target it can hit.

fluffydelusions2705d ago

I own both consoles and I find it somewhat odd that Halo CE HD will surpass preorders for Uncharted 3.

theonlylolking2705d ago

Actually most PS3 exclusives sell over a million, I cant say the same about most xbox exclusives.

badboy74282705d ago

Exactly your the first person I heard to say that. PS3 exclusives really sell better then 360 exclusives. games like alan wake,splinter cell,crackdown and plenty more sold way below expections.

otherZinc2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Because the PS3 doesnt have an exclusive worthy of that sales number. I mean, what game do you think could sell that number thats worth it: SOCOM 4-terrible, Infamous-no, LBP2-no, Resistance 3-terrible, Killzone 3-no. So, what are you talking about?

The Author:
5. The 360 sold more because:
Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, are better than everything on the PS3 exclusively. If they weren't the PS3 would be leading in sales & wouldnt have cut price.

4. You said Halo, Fable, & Forza were established from last gen & 360 got a head start because of it:
PS3 had GT, MGS, & GOW from last gen, wtf are you talking about. PS3 even had more of a legend because the PS1 & PS2 dominated. Consumers just wanted better online service & better games & found this in the 360; thats the reason for the sales lead of 360.

3. Replay Value:
This is found in co-op of the best exclusive games & Live is obviously much better than PSN.

Please, N4G is the leader for PlayStation Supporters.

This is the most overused & wrong word used of this generation when speaking of the 360. 360 has a leader in all fields: Halo Wars, Gears Of War, Fable, Forza, Halo, Motion, & Arcade. That's: RTS, 3rdPS, RPG, Racing, FPS. What more do you want?

Angrymorgan2705d ago

Tell you why xbox exclusives sell more, because they only have a hand full, everyone has an xbox, so when an exclusive comes along, we all jump to get it, that's my theory anyway

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Wizziokid2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

360 exclusives sell more because they appeal to the mass 360 audience, PS3 gamers are very varied, where as 360 are mainly FPS/Action gamers. that's why you looks at the main selling franchises on 360 they will be the FPS games.

I especially don't agree with the 3rd point in this post, halo's story is shorter than most ps3 exclusives but yes it does have one of the best multiplayers you can get this gen.

overall I think its because the PS3 offers more verity in exclusives than 360, not trying to start a flame war here but just look at the line-ups

2705d ago
Optical_Matrix2705d ago

PS3's attach rate is higher than the Xbox 360's or more or less has parity with the 360's. Meaning, the install base does by games, it's just there people with only PS3's still have far more choice than people with 360's so the sales of exclusive games are much more spread out. Of course Gears 3 for example is gonna sell millions. Not just because it's Gears, but because 360 only gamers have been starved of an exclusive title for over 9 months.

NoobJobz2705d ago

Sorry, that's not why I or anybody else I know is buying Gears. I'm buying Gears because I have enjoyed the series not because I'm starved for exclusives.

Optical_Matrix2705d ago

A lot of people would do though. I'n personally buying Gears of War 3 because, although I haven't played the last 2 due to not having a 360 back then, I got one last December and got onto the Beta and loved it. But my point still stands. It's not the main reason people buy Gears, but you're a fanboy if you think it\s not one of them

NoobJobz2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Eh...idk. I don't know why people would buy exclusives just because they're exclusives. I've never bought a game just because it's an exclusive. It's because I have some sort of interest in it. I don't think people are gonna buy it just for the hell of it. "hey look an exclusive! Lets buy it! I have no idea what it is or what it's about but I'm gonna spend $60 on it." I really don't think that's how people buy games. But if that's what you think, then so be it.

I mean ive rented exclusives just for being exclusives so I can try them the but I would never spend $60 on a game just because it's an exclusive.

green2705d ago

I strongly believe that the xbox live ecosystem is a big contributor towards the sales of games especially exclusives on the xbox.

2 years ago when i was playing Gears 2 all the time on xbl with mates at uni, i had a guy on my friends list who joined my party chat and was asking us if Gears 2 was any good because he noticed that i played the game alot.My party session waas full so we were all telling him how cooll the game was and why we all play it constantly.

A week later, he had bought gears, finished the campaign and now joined us to tryout the multiplayer and he absolutely loved it even if he was getting his ass kicked. A couple of days later, i now noticed he was in a party playiong Gears 2. I joined his party and 1 of the guys in the party was a guy on his friends list that he used to play FIFA with that he had now convinced to buy Gears 2.

This cohesive and connected nature of XBl makes it that youare constantly getting games recommended to you by people on your friends list.

Another big factor is that Microsoft puts xbl spotlight directly in your face with ads for big titles and believe me you can not escape it.

I got Touchlight thrown in my face so much that i invited a guy on my friends list that i saw from his profile had finished spotlight and asked him how good the game was. He gave it an A+ so i bought it when Microsoftwere heavily promoting their half price deal on the game and i absolutely love it.

I believe if SOny can make PSN alot more social, then game sales can increase by at lease 10%. Word of mouth online is a big factor.

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