Are the rumours of a radical 3DS redesign just speculation?

A 3DS redesign to be released in 2012 has been strongly rumoured – but is there are any truth in this speculation?

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Myst2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Ugh just when I was thinking of buying one due to price drop now I feel like I should wait and see if the rumor is true.

Yet upon further thinking of it really doesn't make much sense to be honest...3DS pretty much recently released in terms of hardware standards why would Nintendo already bring out another iteration? Unless it's similar to the PSP 1k~4k system? Even then though still does not seem right..

Venox20082669d ago

I think they won't release another 3DS soon, but maybe they'll release it if Vita will do good sales wise.. but still I think if they would do it, it would be 2012 hollydays or 2013 ..because this model is still a new hardware, it's not good for business to release so fast a new model.. btw this model is selling good now

matey2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

the 3ds has sold 7/8 million worldwide and thats not a fail in 4 and a half months sorry but a redesign is coming i think with 720p Hd as well as 3D because nintendo want to make games that dont use 3D and Hitachi have a 4.5 inch Hd/3D screen i think its going to be a 3DS Nitro with 3D and HD with the focus being on HD in the adverts ect they will need an upscaler though to support all games that are out

PygmelionHunter2669d ago

The upscaler and HD support for new games would make the price go up to $250 again if not more, not to mention, a 720p resolution for such a small screen would be pointless at this point in time. If anything, the 3DS redesign should include dual analog sticks, a HDD and maybe a slightly bigger screen.

axisofweevils2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I really don't believe it.
If the reduced price was purely due to getting rid of the old model, why would they go ahead and introduce a brand new colour (Flare Red) into the mix?

Michael-Jackson2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Maybe they already have the molds made and just have to paint it red? and they have alot of parts they have to use that don't work with the new design.

It's way too early and it will just make a lot of people who just bought one and people who paid $300 angry.

I hope it's true though, The only thing stopping me getting a 3DS is the battery life.

mike1up2669d ago

Hmmm. They had me all the way up until they said that the portable would launch with a new name. I realize with less emphasis on 3D, its not truly a 3DS, but gimme a break.

A new name is like starting from scratch. Not technically, of course, but socially. Nintendo knows the importance of branding their products (i.e. Nintendo - Super Nintendo, Gameboy - Gameboy Advanced, Wii - WiiU). People like to think that they know what the hell theyre buying. And if theyre like me, then they dont stray to far away from familiarity. These products can cost a lot of money. If they enjoyed the DS, then DS is a name that they feel "safe" with. Buying a 3DS seems like the most logical transition forward.

If you come out with a new handheld, and name it something without a DS in it, it becomes the new kid on the block all over again.