Another leaked cutscene for I Am Alive

Another cutscene has been leaked for the title I Am Alive.

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DFogz2700d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. The teaser they released a couple years ago was much better than this crap.
Plus I don't like the new character design, that whole "I just survived the apocalypse in my work clothes" kinda thing he had going before was much better.

deadpoole2700d ago

The thing I dont understand ... Ive seen brown, goldish, blueish and purplish games atmosphere ... but this game looks like colorless. Where are the damn colors.

God ... in the name of reality they are takin color out of games.


I bet is not even an Alpha Build.

BladedTech2700d ago

Yeah, it does look very bad. Also, where's Adam? This dude looks like an emo. At least Adam looked somewhat presentable. Plus, the graphics are terrible. If they don't remedy this, I won't be buying this.

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red2tango2700d ago

old, why was this approved?

CanadianTurtle2700d ago

Wow, no wonder it almost got canceled. Don't judge a game by it's pre-rendered CGI trailers lol

MasterD9192700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

This game has been in development for years and this is all they have? They probably butchered it into this mess.

The trailer promised too much....why spend all that money on an interesting CGI-trailer only to develop a mediocre game?

This game would suffice...if it was 2003.

Leathersoup2700d ago

I hope it's using something other than the Crystal Engine. After playing Deus Ex on the PC it's apparent that Ubisoft's engine devs are full retard.

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