First PlayStation Vita Little King's Story Screenshots

Andriasang: Marvelous Entertainment's little king is returning on PlayStation Vita, but with a few changes. New Little King's Story has an all new story, multi touch controls, and ad-hoc wireless support of some form. And, it's being published by Konami.

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matey2663d ago

not as nice loking as wii version

SpitTake2663d ago

first off it looks better, second what is wrong with you dude you seem to hate anything that isn't nintendo

xf2663d ago

He is obviously mentally deranged judging from his comments, just ignore him.

zinki332663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

it does looks better,.. I am a bit ashamed it was so overlooked in general public,.. really great game,.. Ima pick this one for sure !!!

vicofero2663d ago

I bet you'll praising it if its on 3ds

SpitTake2663d ago

like dude have you seen his comments, like fuck man he may be the biggest fanboy out there. He said john carmack makes shitty graphic just because john carmack said that he could not work on the wii because of the lack of power

MasterCornholio2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

It doesnt look as polished as some of the Vita games that i have seen. At least it looks better than the Wii version. But as a big supporter of JRPGS it looks like a lot of fun.