5 Remaining Wii Games Worth Getting

Nintendo has already kicked off the next generation of their handheld and the Wii U is already keeping gamers looking at the next generation rather than the present. But what about the ever popular Wii console that polarized the world with it's tremendous success? The Wii didn't just disappear overnight. The system still has games coming, maybe not the most impressive, but they are still games. Here are my top five games to look forward to as the Wii's life comes to an end.

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jacksonmichael2616d ago

This list is painful. Operation Rainfall!

DarkCharizard_2616d ago

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. Xenoblade Chronicles
3. The Last Story
4. Rhythm Heaven
5. Kirby Returns to Dreamland
6. Bit. Trip Complete
7. Dragon Quest X
8. Pandora's Tower
9. Mario Party 9
10.Fortune Street

Skateboard2615d ago

Xenoblade should be number one.

Venox20082616d ago

add: The last story, pandora's tower ..maybe even Spiderman:edge of time and Driver: san francisco.. but we don't know if they'll perform good, but they can, actually

Relientk772615d ago

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Dragon Quest X

Xenoblade if it comes to the U.S.

kesvalk2615d ago

where is last story and xenoblade? and even pandora's tower should be on the list...

mike1up2615d ago

The only game on this list that im getting is Skyward Sword. I really hope that Xenoblade and Last Story to make it to USA. I would get them too.