Rumor: Treyarch Already Developing Next Call of Duty – New Job Listings Confirm

Several new job listings have been posted both on Treyarch’s Official Site and Gamasutra showing what are likely positions for the next Call of Duty game.

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Voxelman2613d ago

Is this really a rumour? They started making next years COD as soon as Black Ops shipped. It's even practically confirmed that it will be Black Ops 2.

SoundGamer2613d ago

Everything is a "rumor" until it's officially announced by some sort of official authority.


Voxelman2613d ago

I guess that makes sense.

So the only reason this is a rumour is because Activision don't want to take any attention away from MW3, so won't talk about next years game. Even tho everyone knows that there is going to be a COD game next year (at least 1 possibly 2) and Treyarch are making it.

evrfighter2613d ago

Hard to call it a rumor when its a fact that cod is an annual frachise.

Ranshak2613d ago

Dont they ever get bored retexturing the same game again and again?

coolfool2613d ago


I was thinking the same thing. Surely as developers, as creative people, as artists they would want to flex their creative muscles more than what this game asks them to do? It can't be very fulfilling......

bumnut2612d ago


Maybe they don't like it but it gives them a good living so they tolerate it. It is just a job after all.

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Buho2613d ago

LOL I was going to say the exact same thing. I wouldn't be surprised if BO3 was also in production. What Treyarch should do is make a zombie only game with a great storyline

egidem2613d ago

Well, looks like they are ready to milk that cow again.

Neurotoxin2613d ago

Surely having a shit and engraving "CALL OF DUTY" in it with a pencil would be easier.

arjman2612d ago

Careful now, you don't want to make something better than CoD

-MD-2613d ago

What a boring job that would be

TheHardware2613d ago

.....and it has already sold 9 scored about 8.8 on metacritic, and tons of people complained about them milking, repetitive blah blah, but bought it anyway...number 1 excuse was "because my friends have it"

newleaf2613d ago

the ONLY game to ever do that...EVER!!

cochise3132613d ago

what is this pp3 you speak of sir?

vyke32613d ago

Ok? Since you are bragging about this there must be tens of games on the 360 that sold +10 mil.

Name five games on the 360 that sold more than 10 million. Oh? that right. you cant. There are only 3 games that did it. halo 3, MW2 and black ops. yeah, 2 cod games and a halo. Definitely some thing to brag about. /s

MOTY2612d ago

@ vyke3

That's still 1 more exclusive game on the 360 than how many exclusive games on the PS3 that has sold 10+ million. Oh and btw, keep an eye on Halo Reach, curretly sitting at around 8.62 million. Any games on the PS3 sell 8+ million?

ThatHappyGamer2612d ago

@cochise313 - ROFL. Bubbles. :)

vyke32610d ago

could you please explain to me what does the quality of the title have to do with its sales? oh and if you're gonna bring the "more developer support" argument, remember halo 2? it sold 8.4 million. yet, its servers were shut down.

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The story is too old to be commented.