Deus Ex: Human Revolution Performance Analysis

Tom's Hardware tests some different CPU's and graphics cards with the new Deus Ex game.

The highly anticipated prequel to the game that started it all, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now available. We take a close look at this intriguing title, the first to offer in-game morphological anti-aliasing and AMD HD3D support upon its release.

It took more than seven years for the third game in the trilogy to arrive, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now available in stores. In addition to book-ending one of the highest-profile PC game series in existence, Eidos Montreal’s new release is the first game to natively support AMD’s HD3D on release, without middleware. It’s also the first game that provides AMD’s Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA) technique to graphics cards from both side of the aisle, GeForce and Radeon alike. This makes it a particularly intriguing DirectX 11 title for us to analyze, so let’s dig in.

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Spooder2611d ago

most decent gaming rigs can max it out.
I was concerned, but I max out everything with no lag...if you have issues just turn down/off SSAO and it should run like a dream

StayStatic2611d ago

15 min till release but won't be here till the morning :(

OpenGL2611d ago

Even two year old cards like the Radeon 5870 are able to max it easily.

StayStatic2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

oiii don't dis teh 5870 :P , lot of juice yet, granted the newer cards are much more powerful but its always the same with PC hardware.

yamzilla2611d ago

[email protected] this card smoking the xbox360 and ps3!!!

They cannot really be thinking of trying to push these consoles to 2012 for real....please say its a joke and a new ps4 and xbox720 will be out this fall, please......people say pc gaming is more expensive are mentally deficient!

an $84 video card DESTROYS the console version with dx11, SSAO and tesselation all on in a higher resolution and at better framerates.......

ohhh and the game is $15 less on pc...

sure consoles are cheaper for like the first 24 hours, then you buy the controllers, the day one dlc, the $15 inflated price for all your games, and now you have spent more than a pc that would shit on either console!

AO1JMM2611d ago

Whats your point? This is about various PC hardware and has nothing to do with the console side of things.

Spooder2611d ago

thats SO relevant!

Bonobo123452611d ago

why man? I just don't get it.

Do you sit there on your own all day without anyone to tell how awesome your pc is to?

AKS2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I have no trouble with it at max/ DX11/ 60 fps/ ect. I do like the overall look, the lighting, and especially the art style, but I wouldn't be upset if they released a high-resolution texture update. I'd like to see some of the character models and objects in particular improved. Otherwise, looks very good and is an awesome game.

Looks very nice:



Well, except when it looks like this:


Yikes. I would not object if they did some more work on some of these characters' faces in particular. This was of course noted in the article, and it is something that I noticed immediately as well.

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