New teaser site from Atlus Japan

Atlus has just opened an interesting new teaser site. Could it be Persona 4?

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SoulMisaki2638d ago

As soon as it's announced, I know it will be brought over, and I know I will be buying a Vita on launch day.

I've only played up to the sauna level in P4 on my emulator because it is just so slow, it's almost impossible to play. So if the Vita launch is early enough, this will coincide with the P4 anime perfectly, and I'll be able to go through both in tandem.

Please god make this work. Lmao.

whydoyouask2638d ago

you got to play around with the emu settings. The heaviest part of the game is still around 80 fps for me.

Also i really wish they could have just made P5 but this is fine too.

SoulMisaki2638d ago

Any recommendations on what to change? Does reducing the resolution help at all?

majiebeast2638d ago

Ye also think they gonna announce persona 4 for the vita.

Kevin McCallister2638d ago

Ugh. Biggest Persona fan ever, but I'd much rather see info on Persona 5. This is either P4P or a P4:FES.

Inception2638d ago

i want P5 rather than just an update for P4

tiffac0082638d ago

I love P4 but yeah I'd rather have P5 since P4 will have an anime anyway. lol!

Godmars2902638d ago

Has to be Persona, just a question of 4 or 5 for the PSP/PSV or PS3/360.

MAiKU2638d ago

Oh it'd be nice if they did the gender thing too, but like nanako is the MC and the the Male MC is like the little sibling.. That'd be a nice reversal like with the velvet room assistants.

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The story is too old to be commented.