Why this Lifetime Console Gamer is Going PC

VelocityGamer writes: It’s undeniable that plenty of PC gamers and console owners just don’t get along. Most of this is due to the fact that some games are scaled down for PC owners because of console restrictions and console owners not getting the same quality PC owners receive.

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notimetobeidle2613d ago

Welcome to the world of easy screenshots. I love it.

Hockeydud192613d ago

don't forget screen recording. No more dazzle or easy cap haha

evrfighter2613d ago

and dont forget when your buddies start switching over. It don't matter what game you're playing you'll always be able to talk to each other over your headset in crystal clear quality. not that 80's sounding console crap.

That and I've been enjoying Deus EX: HR in 1080p dx11 max settings @ 100fps. I couldn't have asked for a more silky smooth buttery fluid game.

MaxXAttaxX2613d ago

I always have something to look forward to. The next big system.

I get the feeling I have to do everything with PC. Making sure I'm up to speed with everything, etc.

Substance1012613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


Clearly your comments show you dont have a gaming PC.

With console you are stuck up waiting for Sony and MS to give you that new hardware. Just read some of the threads these days where more then 50% of you are anxiously waiting for that new hardware but are just locked out at 6 yr old tech and yea that next big console system will be using dated PC tech doesnt look so big anymore.

Any mid range system made in the last few years doesnt need to have its specs checked before buying a game. Most midrange systems of last few years run everything maxed out. Its because this gen games are being heldback by console tech. Devs look at consoles as the lowest denominator, and since 4year old PC tech is far ahead of consoles most games arent stressful on hardware at all.

Good old 8800GTX still playing games in 1080p more then invalidates your comments.

Yes when a game like BF3 does role out then you will need a more uptodate system to run max settings, however the same game on console is now running in a butchered way. Its not even the same game as on PC. Yet a 3-4 year old rig one equipped with a 8800GTX will again be playing BF3 in DX 10 mid - high settings 1080p, which is again leagues ahead of console.

MaxXAttaxX2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I've bought two PCs in the past 4 years.
A laptop which cost about the same as a PS3 back in 2007. And a desktop which was at least $200 more.
They're both completely inferior to current consoles.

Hassassin2612d ago

@NathanExplosion ...Did you buy mac's????

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ATi_Elite2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I guess you mean FRAPS!!! The handy dandy PC tool that lets you record your games, edit them, and tells you how many Frames per second as well.

nikrel2613d ago

PC rigs can be pretty expensive. I'm thinking about getting a new video card, but the price of the card is more than a new PS3.

Rush2613d ago

It also out performs the PS3's video card about 10 to 1, when you look at it from that prospective it's not asking for to much.

MaxXAttaxX2613d ago

10 to 1 is a great exaggeration.


Consoles are a poor mans way of getting his gaming fix.

nikrel2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I don't think it's so much of a poor mans fix, rather ease of use. I think consoles are less of a headache when it comes to ease of use, tho i've had 2 ps3 repaired and my 4 year old pc is still going strong. So in the long run my pc has come out to be about the same price.

Consoles just seem easier turn it on, things auto update, new features.

Steam makes this pretty easy as well, auto updates, cheaper games in the long run.

I really do enjoy using a controller & the Move, it's lots of fun very similar to using a mouse for some games.

I have lots of family that uses consoles and not PCs so much, so it's a better fit to play games with them on there.

@Rush - MY 9800GT looks better than my ps3, so yeah I know quality of a great video card ;) I'm going to get a 560 Ti from evga, the 2gb version. it's 299.99 but thats only like 70bucks more than the 1gb version. Should improve performance of games big time.
Heck even my 9800 runs games at highest settings except for shadows and some particle stuff like smoke, that seems to drop the framerate quite a bit so I just lower those. I think I should be able to run everything very well with a smokin card like that.

I've got a Core Duo 3.0 E8400, with 4gb of ram. Forget the speed on my ram, but i'm very surpised how well it runs games still and my video card needs an upgrade big time imo it only has 512mb, could play BF3 pretty well with a new one, as well as diablo 3. Two of the biggest pc games i would want to play.

majiebeast2613d ago

Or maybe it just has good games that the pc doesnt get you elitist prick.

2612d ago
bumnut2612d ago


Not everyone likes GT5 and Killzone, PC has a much greater variety of games than all consoles combined.

I do agree that Lukes comment made him look a dick.

Most people play consoles for ease of use, not because they are poor.

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Jormungandr2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

really... you know where I can get a new PS3 for $180? Tell me... I need to replace mine.

And no $180 didn't come out of thin air. I just dropped $180 on a new video card in April and there isn't a game on the market or coming out in the next year that I wont be able to play max settings @720p.

Oh and the computer I put that video card in is 4 years old already. Built it in early 2007. 2gigs DDR2 800 Ram. Core 2 Duo 2.1ghz. Plays Crysis 2 max settings 1080p no noticeable frame drop.

I expect it to last me 3 years... probably start having to back off on the graphic settings in about a year and a half. The fun part? That $500 video card isn't going to last more than 3 years ether. Maybe an extra 3-5 months, tops.

4gigs of ram, $200 video card... done. Other than those two spec you can't buy a computer under powered enough that it can't play the latest games... they don't make them any more.

Seriously, people need to stop gouging themselves on expensive parts that ultimately don't make the games run any faster or better. If you spend more than $200 on a video card you're ether an idiot, looking for bragging rights, or aren't buying it for gaming.

Bladesfist2613d ago

720p has less than half the detail of 1080p. Do the maths. I prefer my games running at 1080p at 60fps. I honestly have a problem with how blury 720p looks.

Jormungandr2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

You must have amazing vision. That or one really friggen huge TV. Based on everything I've read and my own personal experience: below 60" 720p and 1080p are indistinguishable to the casual observer.

And getting a $500 video card wont save you from having to upgrade your video card again in a year to keep your 1080p resolution going. If your dead set on playing at 1080p then buy a video card for around $120 and replace it every year. The performance difference between a $180 video card and a $500 one really just isn't that great. About 10fps under real world conditions. Meanwhile the difference between a video card made this year and one made next year could be as much as 30fps. It makes better sense to buy cheep and often.

And it's not likely your brain can even register 60fps. Let me ask you this... do dvd movies look like they flicker to you? Because the dvd standard requires a 29.97 fps frame rate. Even when they are using progressive scan it's 29.97 fps. HDTV standards typically run at 24 fps. And blue-ray for non-3d movies uses 29.97 fps again. They double it for 3d.

Awesome-Xanto2613d ago

I use to be a PC gamer, but I left it long ago, and I rarely return to it now. Slightly better graphics are not enough to make me go from the confront of my couch and big screen TV, with a predefined system to the PC, the gameplay is still the same. I also like having everything on ONE service. With PC gaming going from Steam, to Orgins, to GFWL... I just want everything tied to ONE account.

I'm also not fan if digital downloads either, and with PC gaming being primarily digital... I don't know how long it will be before retail PC games are no longer available.

joab7772613d ago

I agree. I had a hard time playing on xbox because I couldn't get trophies
I wouldn't like it being spread over 3-4 sites. And enough cannot b said about friends that r solely console. I cannot write them off after 5 years. And alot of this is "prisoner if the moment" as everything will shift again when next gen consoles release. They still hav the best lineups.

Awesome-Xanto2613d ago

Hopefully Valve will open steam on consoles to third parties and we can have more PS3 games that are compatible with PC gamers.

But your right BF3 may look good on PC, but your rarely see developers using the PC for its hardware. The money is in consoles so most PC games are going to be ports and there will be a lot of consoles games that PC won't get. So its either buy a PC for a select few games that will be better or just keep what consoles you have because it will get better support when it comes to games. Next Gen everything will be back to how it has been for the last 5 or 6 years.

HenryFord2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Or - you know - get both. I use a XBOX360 and a PC and I will get a PS3 in the next two months...
Games which are available on PC I play on PC, but a lot of times games don't even get released for PC but I want them badly, so I went ahead and bought myself a console - the xbox specifically.

joab7772613d ago

I want to so badly but it isn't the money. Its the fact that I go for achievements and trophies and have alot of friends. I have never minded that graphics are not as good, but now gameplay is better on pc...that is nothing to glance over. But, I nav weighed it and it is still better for me to play w my friends on an inferior version. Id love to buy it for skyrim and single player games but I wouldn't b able to sell my ps3 or xbox because of games like uncharted 3 and gears 3. So, ill stick to what I nav, stop reading about pc versions and hope that next gen consoles realease within the next 18-24 months. Once they do, the landscape will change once again.

Ramas2613d ago

I have both (good pc, not monster, but intel quad core, gtx460, and 4g memory) , however 90% of time i play on my ps3, becouse after i sit in office 8 hours a day, just to go home and sit near pc again 5 hours or so would really suck. Thats why i prefer big tv, and bed :)

HenryFord2613d ago

You just could connect your PC to your TV and you get an entertainment machine, the PS3 cannot mess with that one. Of course, I agree on the part that a lot of games aren't even available for PC, so it makes sense to also own a console. But the PC can give you so much more in terms of enterntainment - just a hint: Look at the software called XBMC.

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