New Tales of Xillia Videos - Story and System PVs Plus More

The promised 4th set of scenario/story and system trailers for Tales of Xillia are now up, as well as new character and system videos.

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Omar912613d ago

when does this beautiful piece of role playing amazement come out!

blitz06232613d ago

So far it's only scheduled for a Japanese release this September, but I'm hoping for a North American one eventually.

just_sayin2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

It sucks that the Jp Tales Studio has final say in which game gets released.

Magnus2613d ago

Hopefully they bring it over here

zoks3102613d ago

Finally an RPG, man its been so long. i hope this comes to the states.

majiebeast2613d ago

I wouldve agreed if xenoblade didnt come out in europe just now best jrpg ive played since persona 4 and dq8.

I still hope we get this game aswell more Jrpgs please less fps.

dragonknight42613d ago

I believe that if Tales of Graces F sells extremely well in the West, the probability that we'll see a localized version of Xillia will be greater. If Graces doesn't sell and they don't give us Xillia, we only have ourselves to blame.

majiebeast2613d ago

I blame Namco for not releasing games like vespersia in the west on ps3. Instead we get crap like splatter house and death to rights and the millionth dragonball game.

just_sayin2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I want a ps3 remake for Tales of Phantasia. Its been remade like twice i think and the only one we got was the crappy Gba version. Come on Namco make it happen i'v play the dejap version like 5 times. For people who don't know Phantasia is the first Tales of game it was released on the Snes