TGV: Nippon Ichi Software of America acquires license to Black Rock Shooter game

Nippon Ichi Software of America (NIS America for short) has acquired the license to Black Rock Shooter, a JRPG on its way the PlayStation Portable.

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Moduserous2615d ago

Wait, wait... The PSP is still alive?

borisfett2615d ago

Myself personally, it's still my most played handheld.

Anyway, can't go wrong with a bit of Nippon Ichi.

Desert Turtle2615d ago

I haven't played my PSP since that one game came out... What was it? hmm...

Sidology2615d ago

Crisis Core? Patapon 3?

NeoBasch2615d ago

I'd sure hope you were thinking of Legend of Heroes; otherwise, you have missed out on a truly great game.

knifefight2615d ago

If you like RPGs there are literally dozens.
KH: Birth by Sleep, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3, Yakuza New Chapter, ZHP, Cladun, Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X, Crisis Core, Gurumin, Final Fantasy Type-0 (coming soon), Gods Eater Burst, Jeanne d'Arc, Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2, the definitive version of Final Fantasy IV and Tactics, Final Promise Story, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, an asston of PSOne Classics....

RoboRyan2615d ago

If you're into JRPGs it is.

Stealth2k2615d ago

and who wouldnt be? They cover every sub genre

Inception2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yes PSP is still alive
i just download Parasite Eve 2 from PSN and play it on my PSP

NeoBasch2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Sony is making it easier to release games for the system... finally. lol Also it helps when they've given up royalties on these type of products released for the PSP: more profit to the developers/publishers.

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SoulMisaki2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Can't find a way to un-mod my PSP go now. I don't care, it's amazingly good.

It's an amazing action JRPG, and I'm glad to see that we here in NA and EU will be able to play it officially. I'm loving the battle system and the style. Then again, I've always loved the style of anything Black Rock Shooter related.

I'm just hoping they don't make too many drastic changes.

Sidology2615d ago

Can't imagine they would. Nippon Ichi is one of those companies that stays incredibly faithful to the source material.

mamotte2615d ago

Well, there isnt many material to work from. A music video, an OVA and that's pretty much all. As long as they mantain the cool overall design of the caracter, there arent many things they can mess with.

SoulMisaki2615d ago

I meant, from the game. As long as they don't make the font look stupid and they don't change BRS' voice too much, it'll be perfect.

Sidology2615d ago

Also, you KNOW they are going to have Japanese voices.


SoulMisaki2615d ago

They haven't decided. And I'm not sure that the UMD will be large enough for two vocal tracks. English and Japanese might not fit on one UMB, so they'll have to choose.

Hicken2615d ago

Leave it to NIS to localize a game I didn't even know I wanted.

belac092615d ago

my psp is my most played game machine of all, even my ps3, 3ds, x box 360 and a ps2. i play my psp all day.

Tanir2615d ago

its the only system with a ton of great jrpgs

CrescentFang2615d ago

About time we hear about the imageepoch games! I wonder what else... Luminous Arc 3 :)

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