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"OK, so… imagine two of the out-and-out prettiest games of the PS2 era. Take those games, shine them up really nice, have them play exactly the same—flaws and all—and put them both on one disc for a not-standard-full-retail price, and you've got a damn fine concoction of two of the greatest artistic games to come out… ever.

I'm talking about Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, by the way. Y'know, in case you didn't get it from the title of the preview or the opening sentences." - Kevin S. Schaller

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dbjj120882637d ago

I hear the game looks pretty good :P

BrightFalls762637d ago

This is how a HD collection should be done, are you listening Konami? Can't wait, both games look beautiful.

Bathyj2637d ago

"Artistic" is the word.

These games werent just pretty. They had heart thats rarely achieved in games, or even movies for that matter.

So spellbinding was the adventure of aiding Yorda, so convincing were the interactions of the animations, I didnt like to run in Ico with her in tow because I felt I might hurt her shoulder dragging her along at such a pace.

Silly, I know, but to me her vivid luminescence embodied an innocence I couldnt pollute. In short, the thought of causing her pain, made me feel bad.

showtimefolks2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

and missed both these masterpieces last gen like i did don't miss this chance again. Support team ico buy it new it anyone deserve our money its them and their vision for how games should be done

also can't wait for last guardian

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